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Can I access my ICICI Bank FASTag Account through any application?


Currently FASTag Account can be accessed through ICICI Bank Pockets application.


For new Pockets users:

Go to Google Play Store and download the Pockets application. During Pockets app account authentication, use the same mobile number registered for FASTag for a seamless experience. After authentication and setting the PIN, log in to Pockets app and click on the FASTag icon. Enter FASTag Customer ID. If the mobile number registered for Pockets app and FASTag is same and OTP is generated, user will be allowed to access his or her FASTag Account.


For existing Pockets users:

Log in to the updated Pockets application and click on the FASTag icon. To access the FASTag Account, the mobile number registered for Pockets and ICICI Bank FASTag needs to be the same.


Features available in Pockets app:


  • View vehicle wise and Common User Group (CUG) balances
  • View transactions
  • Recharge CUG and tag balance from Pockets app balance, directly from ICICI Bank Account balance
  • CUG to tag balance transfer.

Can I change my goal later in iWish?


You cannot change amount or the period of your goal.


Is there any limit on the number of goals that I can create?


Yes. You can not have more than 25 active goals. So if you have created 25 goals and all these goals are not yet closed, then you can not create any further goal. As soon as any goal is closed, you can create new goal against that goal.

What is ICICI Bank iWish?


iWish is a unique deposit which allows you to create goals to save for specific wishes.

These goals are flexible Recurring Deposits with the added benefit of contributing any amount, at any point of time. You earn better interest rates on your Recurring Deposit just like a Fixed Deposit (click here for rate of interest)


I completed a transaction for paying my bill, the amount got debited from my account but the transaction failed.


In such a case your amount will be credited back to your account in the next 24/48 hours.

Can I use UPI on Pockets app?


Yes. One can use UPI to send and receive money via pockets

Will I receive a confirmation for completion of top-up?


Once the recharge is completed, you will receive a confirmation message from the operator.

What is Pockets?


Pockets by ICICI Bank - The most comprehensive mobile wallet to 

(1) Pay Anyone, 

(2) Shop Anywhere and 

(3) Bank with ease for any bank's customer.

Pockets is the first app in India to offer UPI, NFC and QR code based payments. With Pockets wallet, you instantly get a free virtual VISA card that can be used for shopping at all online websites/apps. You can even request for a physical card that can be used at stores. Moreover, you can recharge your prepaid mobile or DTH connection and pay your utility bills from within the app. You can send money securely to bank accounts, your contacts or virtual payment addresses using Unified Payment Interface (UPI). That's not all, you can upgrade to a Pockets Savings Account right from the app to get a debit card and create deposits.

How Top-Up is different than Mobile Recharge through Recharge Codes?


Under Mobile top-up, you do not require to buy recharge codes of preset denominations. You can choose your own amount and submit your request online. No recharge code is released and airtime (talk-time) limit is increased automatically without any additional requirement.

What is Mobile Recharge?


Mobile Recharge is a facility to recharge a prepaid mobile phone, you can use this service to increase talk-time (airtime) for any existing prepaid Mobile connection.

Click here to know more.

What makes iWish flexible?


The goals under iWish are flexible Recurring Deposits with the added benefit of contributing any amount, at any point of time.

You can choose to deposit money at your convenience and you can also choose not to deposit any money in a month. There are no penalties or charges if you could not deposit money into a goal every month. If you have more spare money to save, you can deposit funds multiple times in a month into your account.


What is pockets physical card?


You can apply for a physical pockets cards for making payments offline. A fee of Rs 100 is charged for the card. You can personalize the physical card. 

Where can I use Pockets card? Is it valid only on the app?


Pockets wallet comes with a 16 digit VISA pre-paid card which can be used for shopping online across websites in India along with the payment features built inside the app. You also have the option of getting a specially designed Pockets physical card that can be used at stores/outlets

Will I receive confirmation after making a payment?


You will receive online confirmation along with a transaction ID. If it happens that you do not get any confirmation, you will get a 'failure' message and the amount will be credited back into your account within 24/48 hours.

What are funding limits on pockets?


The limit is Rs 10,000 per month and Rs 5,000 per transaction. 

Can I fund my pockets wallet using my credit card?


No. Pockets doesn’t allow to fund your wallet using the credit card. 

My friend does not have a bank account. Can he/she encash the Coupon at ICICI Bank branch?


No. Your friend should have a valid bank account. The bank account need not necessarily be of ICICI Bank.

Do I need to have a Savings Account to pay my bills using Pockets?


No, you can go ahead and pay your bills using even the Pockets wallets. You can also save these bill credentials against your favorites and do your transactions in a snap.

Will I be able to register bills on Pockets for my recurring bills?


No, you will not be able to register for a biller using Pockets.

Which are the billers for pay bills facility in Pockets?


The billers that you can pay with this facility are

  1. Postpaid Mobile
  2. DTH
  3. Landline
  4. Electricity
  5. Gas

Can I apply for a two wheeler loans on pockets?


Yes. You can apply for a two wheeler loan on pockets. 

Pockets touch & pay


1. What is touch & pay ?


Touch & pay is a new age payment solution which enables ICICI Bank Debit and Credit cardholders to make payments at stores equipped with contactless card accepting terminals, by just tapping or waving their Android enabled phone near the terminal.


2. What do I need to use touch & pay ?


You just need the below to use touch & pay :

  • Smartphone enabled with NFC
  • Smartphone should have an Android OS version of 4.4 or above
  • An existing active ICICI Bank Credit or Debit Card activated for touch & pay
  • ICICI Bank Pockets Mobile App updated on your smartphone

3. Which smartphones are enabled with NFC to use touch & pay ?


Most of the mid and premium range smartphones available in the market come enabled with NFC. Some of them include Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 3//4/5, Samsung Galaxy A5/A7, Moto X Play, Sony Experia M4/C4/C5 Ultra/Z Ultra/Z5, Lenovo Vibe X3, LeTV Le Max, Asus Zenfone 2, Blackberry Priv, One Plus One, HTC One and many others.


4. How do I activate touch & pay on my device?


You can activate touch & pay on your device by just a few clicks.

  • Download ICICI Bank Pockets Mobile App from Android Play store
  • Login to Pockets App using your Internet Banking User ID and Password, or 4-digits MPIN
  • Click on touch & pay icon on the Pockets home screen
  • Activate Virtual Card for touch & pay , to be linked to any one Credit or Debit Card in your account
  • Select this virtual card as your default payment card for all future transactions
  • Your device is now activated for touch & pay

5. Can I activate and use multiple Cards on one device?


Yes, you can activate multiple Credit or Debit Cards on your Pockets App. You can choose any one of these activated cards at the time of the transaction.


6. Can I add one card on multiple devices?


No, you can activate Pockets and your card only to your registered mobile number. Hence, you can use one card only on one device.


7. I am unable to activate a virtual card on the Pockets App for using touch & pay ? What should I do?


You can call our Customer Care, who will help you to resolve the issue.


8. How can I use touch & pay to pay at a store?

  • Login to Pockets app
  • Click on touch & pay icon on Pockets home screen
  • Select any one of your Credit or Debit Card activated on the App
  • Just hold your phone near the merchant terminal (NFC/contactless enabled terminals)
  • Your payment is done

9. How will I know if a transaction is successful using touch & pay ?


You will instantly receive an alert on the Pockets App once the transaction is successful. You will also receive an SMS alert for every successful transaction. The merchant will also receive a success message on the terminal.


10. Which stores are enabled for making payments using touch & pay ?


You can use touch & pay at any store which has a Visa or MasterCard NFC/contactless enabled card accepting terminal. You can identify such stores by looking out for an NFC symbol (looks similar to a horizontal wifi) on the terminal or at the merchants payment counter.


11. What is the maximum amount of transaction permitted using touch & pay ?


You can make multiple transactions using touch & pay at the merchant terminal with each transaction amount limited to Rs 2000.


12. How secured is a touch & pay transaction?


Touch & pay is an extremely safe way to pay. Touch & pay uses advanced and enhanced security methods like tokenization, which is as good as a different card number been used for every transaction. This ensures that the card data can never be stolen. Every transaction will also require login onto the Pockets App with a 4-digit numeric MPIN. This ensures that without customer login, no transaction using the smartphone can be done. Also, the App can be downloaded only on the registered mobile number of the customer.


13. Do I have to pay any charges for using touch & pay ?


No. There are no additional charges that you need to pay for using touch & pay.


14. I have lost my phone, how can I ensure that my phone is not misused to make payments using touch & pay ?


Without knowing your 4-digit MPIN, any unknown user cannot login to the Pockets App and hence cannot use touch & pay. You can also call ICICI Bank Customer Care on the number available on the reverse side of your card and block the Pockets App on your device.


15. If I have lost my Credit or Debit Card, and have received a new Card? Do I need to activate the new card on Pockets App for touch & pay payments?


Yes. You will have to activate the new Credit or Debit Card by creating a Virtual Card on the touch & pay section of Pockets. You can make payments in the future using this new Virtual Card linked to your new Credit or Debit Card.


16. What will be the maximum daily usage limit or credit limit on my virtual Card?


The daily usage limit or credit limit on the virtual card will be the same as the physical Credit or Debit Card that it has been linked with. You can make multiple transactions within Rs 2000 using touch & pay till the daily usage limit is reached.

When will my payment be updated at the biller's end?


It takes two business days from the date of payment to get your payment updated.

What are Passcodes?


Passcodes are verification numbers that are generated by the app when you ‘Send Money’ via mobile number/ e-mail ID/ social media (Facebook/ Google+/ Whatsapp). For security reasons, we will send a 4 digit passcode to your registered mobile number. You would have to share this passcode with your friend to redeem the coupon.

I have a set of my registered billers on the ICICI Bank site, Will I be able to view those billers and pay my bills.


Yes, if you are an existing ICICI Bank customer, you will be able to view your set of registered billers and you can pay for them using Pockets. For your registered presentment billers, you will also get an in-app notification when your bill is due.

Is there any charge levied by Pockets by ICICI Bank for Pay Bills facility?


There is no charge levied for ICICI Bank's Quick Pay facility.

What is Pay Bills in Pockets?


Pay Bills is a Pockets facility that enables you to pay bills instantly without having to register for it.

In ‘Send money’ there is an option called ‘Tap and Pay’. What is it?


‘Tap and Pay’ is a feature wherein you can transfer funds from one wallet to another by just tapping your phones together. The transfer is done via NFC which is activated when the phones are in proximity to each other. Funds will be transferred from one Pockets wallet to another. This facility is currently available only on Android phones. 

What will happen if I enter incorrect mobile number while doing Mobile Recharge in Pockets?


Once the transaction is entered, ICICI Bank accepts the same for processing. If mobile number belongs to the list of operator as mentioned in the app the request will be processed and talk time will increase. However, if the number is invalid (for reasons as mentioned below NOTE), the amount will be refunded within 2 working days.

What will happen if I enter incorrect consumer details?


When you submit your (consumer) details, Pockets by ICICI Bank accepts them for processing. If they include details belonging to a valid biller amongst the list shared above, the bill will be presented. If they are invalid, however, your request will be rejected.