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Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money

What is MPIN?

MPIN is a 4-digit code used to authenticate your IMPS transactions while doing transactions on National Unified USSD Platform (NUUP) or ICICI Bank’s Call to Pay service to make bill payments.

What if I lose my mobile phone?

Your money on mobile is always safe by your 4-digit MPIN, as long as you do not disclose it to anyone. In case of loss of SIM or phone, please block your iMobile app by calling our Customer Care. To know the Customer Care numbers, please click here.

Do I have to pay the entire bill amount?

This will depend upon the biller. You can make a payment in full or in part depending upon whether the biller provides you with that facility.

What if I forget my MPIN?

If you forget your MPIN you can call the customer care at *345# from your registered mobile number and request them to reset your MPIN. After required authentication your MPIN would be reset.

What if my verification failed?

If your verification fails because of lack of documentation, we will intimate you and you may need to re-submit all documents.

What is the Call Centre number at which I can call for Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money?

Aircel subscribers can call on 345 to reach customer care. Calls to *345# will be Toll Free. You may reach our Call Center using any other mobile connection on 7373000345. Calls to 7373000345 will be charged as per your existing tariff.

What if I have not used my account after opening it?

If you have not used your account for continuous 6 months then your account would be declared dormant . However customers will receive two SMS, one 15 days and other 2 days prior their dormancy date informing them about dormancy. Please note Rs.10 per month would be charged on your account if it is dormant.

Are there any limits on value and number of transactions that can be made daily/monthly?

Maximum value of transaction is Rs. 50000 per day and Rs. 100,000 per month for a Full KYC Wallet. In case of Instant account, the transaction limits would be Rs.10,000 per day and Rs.20,000 per month.

Do I earn any interest on the amount in my Mobile Money account?

No, the amount in your Mobile Money Account does not earn any interest.

Is their a minimum balance that needs to be made?

Yes, the minimum balance to be maintained is Rs. 25

How do I get my mobile money account statement?

You can get a Mini statement by visiting "My Account" menu in your Mobile Money application. You can request for a detailed statement by calling the customer care at *345# and the statement would be mailed at your registered address. Please note that detailed statement is available at a fee of Rs. 50.

What happens if I make wrong MPIN attempts?

For security reasons, your account will be locked automatically after 3 wrong attempts. You need to contact customer care at *345# from your registered mobile number for getting it unlocked. After necessary authentication, the MPIN is reset.

What happens to the money that I have in my mobile money when I close Mobile Money Account?

If you are using instant account you cannot withdraw remaining amount from you account. You are requested to spend your balance in transactions or you can transfer e0money to any bank account before you submit an application to close account disconnection.

Customers using Full Account can do following

  • Withdraw money from authorized agent
  • Transfer e-money to their bank account or any other account.
  • Spend balance e- money before account closure

How do I register with Aircel ICICI bank Mobile Money ?

  • Aircel subscribers need to visit the nearest authorized Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money outlet and request for the Mobile Money services
  • Agent would provide an account opening form which customers need to fill and submit the same to the agent along with proof of address, proof of identity and a photograph.
  • Pay a minimum initial deposit of Rs.100 which would be credited to your Mobile Money account post activation.
  • Agent would activate your Mobile Money account post which you would receive a message confirming same.
  • Your Mobile Money Account would now be registered as Instant Account. Dial *345# and create your secure MPIN of your choice. You need to use this 4 digit MPIN every time when you make any transaction
  • After KYC is completed by ICICI Bank your instant account is automatically upgraded to Full Account You can now avail all features offered by Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money. 

What documents do I need to open an Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money Account?

You need to provide a documentary proof of your identity, address and signature.

Can I pay for someone else's bills?

Yes, you can pay for anyone else.

How can I get my Mobile Money Account details changed or modified?

Customers need to submit an account modification request at authorized Mobile money outlet along with self attested Proof of Identity.

What is Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money?

Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money is a prepaid account for Aircel subscribers. Using this account you can deposit money, pay your bills transfer money through their mobile phone. Money can be withdrawn from the nearest authorized Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money agent.

What is Full Account ?

Full Account is openloop prepaid account. As you meet our documentation guidelines and your KYC is successfully verified by ICICI Bank , your account is automatically updated to a Full Account and you can avail all the services offered by Mobile Money like cash withdrawal , fund transfer , DTH Recharge , Bill Payments, Deposit Money

Is there a minimum deposit that I have to make while opening Mobile Money Account.

Yes, you need to deposit a minimum of Rs. 100 while opening a account?

How will I be informed when my Mobile Money Account gets credited or debited?

You will always get a confirmation SMS after every transaction. In case you don't receive one please check your transaction history in USSD and if that it is also not updated with details of your transaction, please call our customer care at *345# from your registered mobile number.

Can I reverse payment if I made it to the wrong mobile number?

No. Once you make payment, there no way to reverse it. Please ensure that you enter correct mobile number while making payments.

When does the biller receive my payment?

Your account is debited as soon as you initiate a payment request and will be sent to the biller within two days. Every payment made by you carries a unique transaction ID that can be used to track each payment independently.

What do I do if I want to close my Mobile Money Account?

For closing the account you need to visit any authorized Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money agent and submit the account modification form with a closure request. Only after due verification your account closure request will be considered.

Can I make a payment to a biller who is not on your biller list?

No. You can only make payments only to participant billers.

What can I do with Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money?

You can send money to friends and family, pay your bills , recharge prepaid mobile phone. You can even withdraw money without going to bank or ATM and only need to visit your nearest authorized Mobile Money Agent

I am not an ICICI bank account holder can I still use Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money facility?

Yes, you can all you have to do is visit your nearest authorized Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money Agent and register for Mobile Money

What is an Instant Account?

Instant Account is a semi-closed prepaid Account. Once you register for the Mobile Money Account and submit KYC documents your account is operated as an Instant Account. Services offered in this account are Mobile and DTH Recharge, Bill Payments, Deposit Money.

I initiated a fund transfer on my Mobile Money account but the status showed "submitted". What should I do?

The status shows that the request is received but not yet processed. This could be due to a network delay. Please wait for few minutes for the request to be processed. In case the status remains "Submitted" for more than 15 minutes, please check your transaction history by calling the customer care at *345#.

I do not have a smart phone or a GPRS enabled phone, can I still use Mobile Money?

Yes, Mobile Money works on any mobile model / handset. You don't need a smart phone or GPRS enabled handset. All you have to do is register and dial *345# and you will be able to use the menu.