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What is the minimum and maximum limit of transaction?

You can transfer funds up to Rs 10 lakhs per day per User ID through m.icicibank.com This limit is inclusive of internet banking limits.

What is m.icicibank.com?

m.icicibank.com is a web based service through which you can access your internet banking account through a mobile phone browser.

If I do not know my User ID and Password what should I do?

To know you user ID and to generate your login password Click here.

How do I transfer funds through m.icicibank.com?

You require a user id and Login password and active debit card linked to the account to transfer funds.

My query is not listed what should I do?

Kindly call our Customer Care Number, if you have any further queries.

Can I add payees and billers through m.icicibank.com?

No, adding a new payee or biller is currently not available through this service. You can only make payments or transfer funds to your registered billers and payees.

To add biller or payee, please login to http://www.icicibank.com and register a new biller/payee.

Is using m.icicibank.com secure?

Yes. Please check the URL while using m.icicibank.com, it should start will https://. This means you are using a secure site and also that data transfer is in an encrypted form. Kindly refer our safe banking section for complete security measures.

Are there any charges for using m.icicibank service?

This is a free service provided by bank for its saving account customers. However, operator data charges may be applicable as per your data plan.

Can m.icicibank service be used on all mobile devices?

Yes, this service can be used on most of the handsets available in the market.

Why do I need to use m.icicibank.com?

m.icicibank.com allows you to access your bank account on your mobile device. Its fast and convenient since the pages are designed to run on your mobile device.

How does m.icicibank work?

m.icicbank.com works on the data connection ie;GPRS/3G/Wi-fi.

Who can avail m.icicibank.com service?

All Saving Account customers having active Internet banking User ID, password with GPRS enabled services on their mobile device can use m.icicibank.com.

What safety measures should I follow while using m.icicibank.com?

Please read safe banking tips.click here.

How do I avail m.icicibank.com service?

Type m.icicibank.com on your mobile phone browser and use your internet banking login User ID and Password to login and avail the service.