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What are the Demand Draft (DD) charges applicable at ICICI bank?

The charges of Demand Draft (DD) issuance from normal savings account are mentioned below:

Rs.50.00 per DD up to Rs.10,000.00; Rs.3.00 per thousand rupees or part thereof for DD of more than Rs.10,000.00, subject to a minimum of Rs.75.00 and maximum of Rs.15,000.00.

For Rural locations: 
For amounts up to Rs.10,000.00 – Rs.40.00, 
For amounts above Rs.10,000.00 to Rs.50,000.00 – Rs.60.00, 
For amounts above Rs.50,000.00 - Rs.3.00 per thousand rupees or part thereof (maximum of Rs.15,000.00).

You may view this information on our website www.icicibank.com > Service Charges and Fees > Personal Banking > Savings Accounts > Common Charges Across Savings Accounts.

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