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What are the various entities in the NPS architecture ?
{"title":"","options":[{"title":"PFRDA","content":"Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) is the regulator for the NPS. PFRDA is responsible for registration of various intermediaries in the system such as Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA), Pension Funds, Custodians, NPS Trustee Bank, etc. PFRDA shall also monitor the performance of the various intermediaries and ensure that all stakeholders comply with the guidelines/regulations issued by PFRDA from time to time.","type":"persist","kind":"none","options":[]},{"title":"CRA","content":"The record-keeping, administration and customer service functions for all subscribers of the New Pension System will be centralized and performed by the Central Record-keeping Agency (CRA). The CRA shall, on the basis of instructions received from subscribers, transmit such instructions to the appointed Pension Funds on a regular basis. The CRA will also provide periodic, consolidated PRAN statements to each subscriber. National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) has been appointed as the CRA for NPS by PFRDA.","type":"persist","kind":"none","options":[]},{"title":"Pension Funds","content":"Appointed PFs would manage the retirement savings of subscribers under the NPS. PFs would use their secure access codes to confirm receipt of netted assets and instructions regarding fund allocation, confirm allocation of funds and communicate the NAV of each scheme to CRA on a regular basis. The PFs will be required to invest strictly in accordance with guidelines issued by the PFRDA. The list of Pension Funds under NPS for all citizens other than Government employees is attached as Annexure 3.","type":"persist","kind":"none","options":[]},{"title":"ASP","content":"Annuity Service Provider (ASP) would be responsible for delivering a regular monthly pension to the subscriber for the rest of his/her life. On receipt of personal and banking information details of subscriber from CRA and of specified sum from the trustee bank the ASP would use its access codes to confirm receipt. ASP would then begin payments of annuities to the subscriber.","type":"persist","kind":"none","options":[]},{"title":"Trust & Trustee Bank","content":"A Trust would be responsible for taking care of the funds under the NPS. The Trust would be the registered owner of all NPS assets. The trust would hold an account with a bank and this bank has been designated as NPS Trustee Bank. NPS Trustee Bank will facilitate fund transfers across various entities of NPS system viz. PFM, Annuity Service Providers, subscriber, etc. PFRDA has already established NPS Trust under the provisions of the Indian Trusts Act w.e.f. 27th February 2008 and Bank of India is functioning as NPS Trustee Bank. The NPS Trust is being administered by the Board of Trustees, as constituted by the PFRDA.","type":"persist","kind":"none","options":[]},{"title":"Point of Presence ","content":"Point of Presence (PoP) shall be the first point of interaction between the voluntary subscriber and the NPS architecture. PoP shall perform the functions relating to registration of subscribers, undertaking Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, receiving contributions and instructions from subscribers and transmission of the same to designated NPS intermediaries. The complete list of all PoP(s) shortlisted in this phase is attached as Annexure 2. Detailed functions to be performed by the PoP(s) are given under Key Features. PoP(s) and their authorized branches (PoP-SP(s)) shall also be required to comply with the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering (PML) Act , 2002 and the rules framed there under, as may be applicable, from time to time.","type":"persist","kind":"none","options":[]}],"content":"Entities involved in NPS architecture are "}