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What is the eligibility criteria for the Spend2Earnrogramme?
  • Customer should do at least one transaction (financial/non-financial) through iMobile (including iMobile activation) every month
  • Customer should have done the transaction using at least 3 defined alternate mode of payments as mentioned below, in addition to iMobile activation
  • Customer should have debit transactions in the enrolled savings account aggregating to Rs. 8,000 through any of the below 6 alternate modes
  • The debit transactions of Rs. 8,000 should be done consistently for 6 months through the same 3 alternate modes
  • The minimum threshold amount defined against each payment mode has to be fulfilled
  • For customers who are already active on alternate modes even before they opted for the Cashback Programme will have to undertake new transactions using defined alternate modes
  • Customer should not be defaulting on the contracted minimum balance requirement in any of the months during offer period
  • The debit criteria of Rs. 8,000 will be considered from M 2 month and continue till M 8 month where M being the month of account opening for new customers and month of enrolment for existing customers.
  • Customer needs to register for the required mode of payments (alternate modes) to ensure that the debit transaction in savings account against each mode is enabled by M 2 month.