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How do I create a personalised e-Commerce store?


You can create a Personalised e-Commerce store in 5 easy steps:

  • Step 1 - Create Account: Sign Up on ICICI Bank BizCircle GlobalLinker and enjoy free access to Linker.store
  • Step 2 - Store setup: Select store name and a personalised theme for store
  • Step 3 - Add products: Create product inventory
  • Step 4 - Business details verification: Share bank account and shipping details
  • Step 5 - Publish store: Launch personalised eCommerce store and enjoy the big business advantage!

What is Linker.store?


An e-commerce store creator for traditional brick and mortar stores to take their business online at zero fee!

An online Do It Yourself (DIY) store offering - inventory management, e-commerce website with themes, payment gateway and logistics integration at pre-negotiated rates

‘Linker.store’ is offered on ICICI Bank BizCircle GlobalLinker for free and at no extra cost or revenue share on transactions

Please click here to visit the website.

What are the benefits of ICICI Bank BizCircle GlobalLinker?

  • Access to large network of businesses (buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, etc.) across various industries and geographies
  • Exciting deals and offers relevant to day to day operations of the business (flights, website builder, office stationery, insurance, hotel deals, consulting, advertisement)
  • Collaborate and engage with employees internally using the private intranet
  • Features like eBriefcase for storing files securely and easy access to e-mails right from logged in section
  • Post articles, blogs and start forums for online discussions
  • Get access to relevant industry news, updates, articles and discussions
  • Create e-commerce store Linker.store at zero fee.

What is ICICI Bank BizCircle GlobalLinker?


BizCircle GlobalLinker is an online business networking platform for Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) and startups that aims to help them in better managing their business by connecting them with relevant business opportunities and building new connections - all on a single platform. Click here to register for BizCircle GlobalLinker.


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Can I register on ICICI Bank BizCircle GlobalLinker if I don’t have an ICICI Bank Current Account?


Yes, ICICI Bank BizCircle GlobalLinker is open for all and any SME can register for free on the platform.

Is there a fee for signing up on ICICI Bank BizCircle GlobalLinker?


No, registering and signing up on ICICI Bank BizCircle GlobalLinker is absolutely free.