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Credit Builder Program

How can the customer cancel the credit card?


ICICI Bank Credit Cards offer a host of features and offers specially designed for our esteemed customers. We request you to reconsider your decision of cancelling your credit card.

In case you want to go ahead with the cancellation, we request you to clear the outstanding amount due as on date and redeem the reward points accumulated against your credit card. 

Please note that reward points will not be redeemable after the card has been cancelled.

We wish to inform you that there is a redemption facilitation fee of ₹99 plus Service Tax on Handpicked Rewards Scheme, Catalogue based redemption on PAYBACK Rewards Scheme and ICICI Bank Rewards Scheme. For online and in-store redemption on PAYBACK Rewards Scheme (redemption on PAYBACK Partner Brands like www.bookmyshow.com and www.makemytrip.com and in-store partners like Big Bazaar and HPCL), a redemption facilitation fee of ₹25 plus Service Tax is applicable.

For any clarification or more information, you may call our Customer Care between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. from your registered mobile number. 

To know the Customer Care numbers, please click here

Alternatively, write to us on customer.care@icicibank.com from your registered e-mail ID.

What is the tenure of Fixed Deposit?


You can avail of ICICI Bank Fixed Deposits for a minimum deposit of Rs 10,000.00 for General Customers and Rs 2,000.00 for Fixed Deposits for Minors.

Choice of Plans:

Select from 2 Investment Plans:

  1. Traditional Plan: Earn interest monthly/quarterly basis as per your convenience with a maturity period ranging from 7 days to 10 years.
  2. Reinvestment Plan: Earn interest compounded quarterly and reinvested with the principal amount with a maturity period ranging from 6 months to 10 years.

What is the credit limit of Insta credit card?


Credit limit will be 85% of the Fixed Deposit amount but cannot exceed Rs 3 lacs (Rs Three Lacs).

When will the customer get the credit card?


Customer gets the card instantly from the branch or from the sales executive after filling up the Fixed Deposit form and providing KYC documents.

Is this card offered free? Is there any fee payable on renewal?


It is a free card. No Joining fees, no renewal fees.

What is waived amount under Credit Builder Program?


Waived amount is the amount of waiver or discount given to the customer during settlement. It includes principal waiver, interest waiver & income or charges reversal.

What is the minimum amount of Fixed Deposit required to get enrolled under Credit Builder Program (CBP)?


Minimum Fixed Deposit of Rs 20,000/- (Rs Twenty Thousand only) needs to be created.

How is the customer consent taken on marking lien on a fixed deposit for ICICI Bank Instant Credit Card?


For ICICI Bank Insta Credit Card the applicant needs to sign the terms and conditions before taking the card.

What are the documents to be submitted along with ICICI Bank Insta Credit Card application form?


Applicant has to submit prevailing KYC documents for opening a Fixed Deposit as a part of the application form. A self attested copy of the Identity proof is also required. Original FDR (Fixed Deposit Receipt) will be required in case of an existing Fixed Deposit.

In the event of cardholder’s death, how can one request for card cancellation & FD closure?


Fixed Deposit nominee can request the Bank branch for card cancellation & Fixed Deposit closure. Copy of death certificate of primary card holder should be presented and attached with Insta Credit Card cancellation request form.

Is enhancing the credit limit on card by opening new fixed deposit or by offering another fixed deposit as “guarantee” permitted?


No, this is not permitted.

Can Insta Credit Card be given to a 3rd party?


No, it can be issued only to the primary Fixed Deposit account holder.

What type of Fixed Deposits are allowed for Insta Credit Card offer?


Both Traditional and Cumulative mode are allowed for ICICI Bank Insta credit cards. Also there should be no existing lien marked or partial withdrawal on the Fixed Deposit.

Is it mandatory for a customer to open a savings account for creating an FD?


No. It is not. The customer can create a Fixed Deposit without opening a savings account.

Does customer gets a personalized credit card?


Yes, Once the Instant credit card is active customer can apply for personalised credit card, Personalized credit card will have a Fee of Rs.100.

Can I apply for Add on card for My Spouse?

Yes, Customer can apply up to 3 supplementary cards at no extra charge. With Supplementary Add on Credit Card form, you will be required to enclose a copy of separate self attested proofs of identity and residential address of the proposed add on card holder.

Who can be offered Credit Builder Program (CBP)?


Previously / Existing delinquent customers who pay off their waived off / entire outstanding amount respectively, can be offered this program.

When will the FD get liquidated in case of default?


If the credit card payment is not paid for 60 days past due date or if the credit card outstanding becomes more than 95% of the Fixed Deposit amount, the Fixed Deposit will be liquidated.

Is existing fixed deposit accepted as “guarantee” for ICICI Bank Insta Credit Card?


Existing fixed deposit can be accepted as “guarantee” for issuing ICICI Bank Insta Credit Card. Original Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) should be submitted to branch along with application form.

Why is the ICICI Bank Insta Credit Card not given to the secondary Fixed Deposit holder?


Because the KYC is done only for the primary Fixed Deposit holder, only he/she is eligible for the Credit Card.

Other credit cards get interest free credit period. Will ICICI Bank Insta Credit Card offer same benefits?


ICICI Bank Insta Credit Card also offers interest free credit period as applicable on other ICICI Bank credit cards to the cardholder along with all other benefits which are offered by similar ICICI Bank Gold Credit Cards. Details of the offers will be available in the welcome kit given to customers.

Existing fixed deposit is in joint name. Is this fixed deposit valid for availing ICICI Bank Insta Credit Card?


ICICI Bank Insta Credit Card cannot be issued against joint Fixed Deposit.