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How should I ensure safety of my card?
  • Keep the card in a safe place like your wallet or purse, where you can quickly notice if it is missing. Many times it is too late by the time cardholders come to know that the card is missing.
  • Note the contact numbers of your bank where it is readily available. Make a diary note of your card numbers for any time reference.
  • Ensure that the card you got back after a transaction is indeed yours, before putting it in the wallet. Many times, cards get exchanged at crowded merchant locations like service stations and malls or super markets.
  • When you use your card for purchases, ensure it is swiped in your presence and not swiped on multiple devices.
  • Ensure that your card number, card-expiry date and the three-digit security code on the back of the card (popularly known as CVV number) are not captured in writing anywhere. This can be done if you ensure the card is swiped in front of you at all times.
  • Do not hand-over your card to anyone, even if they claim to be representatives from your Bank.
  • If the card is to be cancelled, cut it in four pieces diagonally across the magnetic stripe and discard. This will ensure that the cancelled or expired card cannot be misused for counterfeit / skimming.
  • Do not use a replacement card before the Primary card is blocked.
  • Don't expose the card to excessive heat or keep close to a magnetic field.