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Why are two numbers mentioned on my credit card statement?
An Account number is generated at the time of issuing your credit card. In due course of time, you may have received an upgraded card or a renewal card, however the account number of the cards remains the same. 
The credit card statements are generated with your ICICI Bank Credit Card Account number. The charges will be debited on your credit card account number however transactions will reflect on the credit card number. 
Your credit card number will be different from your credit card account number. You may make the payments on either your ICICI Bank Credit Card Account number or on the credit card number.
For any clarification or more information, you may call our Customer Care from your registered mobile number. To know the local Customer Care numbers, please click here
Or you may write to us at customer.care@icicibank.com with last 4 digits of your Credit Card number from your registered email ID.