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How to generate/register the 3D Secure PIN for my Debit Card?
3D Secure PIN is a 6 digit numeric PIN which provides a way to protect your Debit Card usage on the Internet.
Why is 3D Secure PIN required?
3D Secure PIN is required to safeguard your internet purchases whenever you use your Debit Card at participating merchant websites. The requirement of 3D Secure PIN prevents unauthorised usage of your Debit Card on the internet, giving you more confidence about making secure purchases online.
Generate 3D Secure PIN
Now safeguard your online shopping experience and shop worry-free with 3D Secure PIN feature on your ICICI Bank Debit Card. All you have to do is create a 3D Secure PIN for your ICICI Bank Debit Card and the service is automatically extended to all participating online merchants.
To know step by step process of Creation/Change of 3D secure PIN, Click here.