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What are the type of images that are not allowed for Expressions Debit Card?

Images including any of the following elements would not be allowed for ICICI Bank Expressions Debit Card:

  1. trademarks or copyright material that is famous or recognised, including images marked with ©, ® or ™ signs
  2. pictures that have advertising, promotional material including branded products and services
  3. pictures that have telephone numbers, URLs, account numbers or email addresses
  4. pictures of celebrities/musicians/athletes/entertainers/public-figures/cartoon characters etc. that are famous or recognised
  5. provocative or sexual images including inappropriate nudity or semi-nudity
  6. violent or offensive racist images including any images in which weapons or fire arms are shown
  7. images portraying anti-social or obscene behaviour
  8. images where drinking(or being drunk), smoking, narcotics or gambling are shown
  9. any religious or political images, including images that portray socially unacceptable groups or political statements
  10. text unless benign (i.e. words that are kind, gentle and harmless) and in the English language.
  11. Subject matter of any nature that might result confusion at point of sale or that might result in card fraud. Any image that might reflect poorly or might engender hostility toward the Master Card ® or Visa® or any other payment network brands
  12. images where money or currency is focus
  13. any reference to the Olympic Games
  14. Trade names, logos, slogans or other identifying indicia of any Card Processing Associations (e.g. Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc.)
  15. images that portray profanity or obscenity
  16. images which show ICICI Bank, ICICI Bank logo, or ICICI Bank Debit Card in bad light
  17. images which show the names or images of any other peer Banking or Financial Institution
  18. images that have any Emblems, Flags, or Logos of the Constitution of India or any other Government body