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Is there any FASTag convenience fees?

With effect from December 01, 2015, convenience fee will be levied to all the ICICI Bank FASTag Customers for executing "Online TAG Recharge" transactions. The rate of convenience fee will be levied based on the type of transactions.


Available optionsFunds upload timeConvenience fee#
ICICI Bank CIB and RIBReal timeFree
UPIReal timeFree
Debit CardReal time0.2% to 0.85% (basis the transaction value)*
Credit CardReal time1.8% of transaction value*
Internet BankingReal time1% to 1.65% (basis the transction value)*
NEFTAs per NEFT cycle
  • CUG wallet recharge: Free or NEFT/RTGS charged as levied by the source bank
  • Tag wallet recharge: Rs.15 per transaction for Tag level recharge
ChequeICICI Bank: T+1
Other Bank: T + 4
T = time or date of transaction initiated


Plus taxes as per the prevailing applicable rates.


# Convenience fee is levied by the payment gateway for the services provided and not by ICICI Bank. The fee is levied against the cost of transaction and not for revenue in the FASTag program. *Convenience fee may change basis the payment gateway selected and/or change in commercials between ICICI Bank and the payment gateway.