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How can I recharge my FASTag account with UPI?

Please login to FASTag portal with your username, password. Visit Recharge account, select UPI, enter amount to recharge, in the Virtual Payment Address field, enter the payer VPA (from which the recharge amount shall be deducted) and proceed. After clicking on “Make payment” on the website, a voucher shall be generated. Please login to the payment app, where the payer VPA is mapped. Under UPI-Pending UPI transaction you shall find a transaction from etctolltag@icici. Once authorized, the payment status shall be updated shortly and can be viewed from customer portal.

You can now recharge your ICICI Bank FASTag Account from any UPI based payment app.

Please go to the payment app’s UPI module and send money to Virtual Payment Address (VPA) option.

Format of VPA: netc. (Vehicle number)@icici

For tag loading:


  • Netc.mh01ab1234@icici (10-digit vehicle number)
  • Netc.TN99R9999@icici (9-digit vehicle number)
  • Netc.KA666666@icici (8-digit vehicle number)
  • Netc.mmh01xx@icici (7-digit vehicle number)

For CUG loading:

netc.ib <8-digit Customer ID>@icici

Example:- netc.ib99999999@icici

Please ensure that the correct vehicle number, Customer ID is mentioned in the VPA. The payment will not be processed with incorrect Customer IDs.