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ICICI Bank Business Advantage Credit Card

How do I access my JetPrivilege account?


Click here to access your Jet Privilege account and login using your Jet Privilege membership number and password. You can also call the Jet Privilege Service Centre on 39893333 (for Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai). For other cities, affix STD code of any these 6 cities and dial 3989333.

When and how can I redeem my InterMiles?


You can start redeeming InterMiles on accumulating 3,500 InterMiles and on completing 2 activities with any of the Jet Privilege programme partners. To calculate the InterMiles required for your travel, please refer to the mileage calculator

To redeem your InterMiles, login to your Jet Privilege account on the given link using your Jet Privilege Membership Number and Password or call the Jet Privilege Service Centre on 39893333.

How can I find out the number of InterMiles that I have in my JetPrivilege account?


Click here to login to your account and know your accumulated InterMiles. 
You may also call the Jet Privilege Service Centre and get the information by quoting your Jet Privilege membership number. This number is embossed just below your name on your Jet Airways ICICI Bank Credit Card.

How many InterMiles can I earn?


Please refer to the InterMiles section for applicable earn rate.
Your card can accumulate a maximum of 1,50,000 InterMiles against Qualifying Expenses in every anniversary year. When this cap is reached, a InterMiles Uncapping Fee of ₹20,000 will be levied to your Business Card account.

  • To continue earning InterMiles, please make this fee payment. Please call our Customer Care to reverse the fee if you choose not to pay it; further JPMiles will not accrue in that anniversary cycle.
  • The cap will be reset at the start of the next anniversary year and InterMiles will flow into your JetPrivilege account automatically from the next statement cycle. An anniversary year is one year from your card setup date.

What are InterMiles?


InterMiles are the reward currency of the Jet Privilege programme, which can be earned every time a member flies on InterMiles or transacts with any of Jet Privilege. These accumulated InterMiles can then be redeemed for free Award flights on InterMiles and 25+ airline partners. You can also redeem InterMiles to upgrade your flight class from Economy to Première or Première to First Class.

How do InterMiles earned on my Business Advantage Card get transferred to my JetPrivilege account?


All InterMiles that you earn on your Business Advantage Card accrue automatically into your Jet Privilege account each month within 30-45 working days of your valid card transaction. The InterMiles accrued will be basis the Miles Split Ratio Module (MSRM) chosen by the Company.

What is Miles Split Ratio Module (MSRM)?


Miles Split Ratio Module means the ratio offered by ICICI Bank in which the InterMiles earned on Qualifying Expenses are split between the Business and JetPrivilege member (company and employee). The available MSRMs are 75:25, 50:50 or 25:75, the company chooses an MSRM out of these options. For example, MSRM 75:25 specifies InterMiles split into 75% to the cardholder and 25% to the company. If your company has opted for this MSRM and you earn 1,000 InterMiles on Qualifying Expenses, 750 InterMiles will be credited into your JetPrivilege account and 250 InterMiles will be credited into your Company’s Business Rewards+ Account.
The InterMiles earned by your company are transferred to the Company’s Business Rewards+ account and your InterMiles are transferred to your individual JetPrivilege account. The MSRM needs to be chosen while enrolling for the programme and cannot be modified later.