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Multi Wallet Card

How do I check the balance on my ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card?


There are 3 ways to know your ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card balance:

How to use ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card for online transactions?


For online transactions, please follow the below steps:

  1. Visit ICICI Bank website and follow the path: www.icicibank.com>Card>Verified by Visa Banner (as available on the right hand side of the page)
  2. Register yourself as a new user
  3. Generate 3D Secure PIN using Card Number, Date of Birth and 'Valid from' fields

Once 3D PIN is generated, you can start online purchases.

How can I change the limit for my card?


To change the limit for your card, you may call our Customer Care and make a request. Our Customer Care Executive will take your request and it will be completed within 5 working days.

Can I transfer funds from one ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card to another?


No, you cannot transfer funds from one ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card to another.

What is ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card?


ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card is a magnetic-stripe based Prepaid Card, operated in partnership with VISA, offering a novel way of managing the card balance. The card balance is divided into four wallets (Meal, Medical, Fuel, LTA) and the card is accepted at stores accepting VISA cards and mapped to the category configured against the wallet.

Are there any transactions for which I cannot use my Multi-Wallet Card?


ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card is meant to be used exclusively on the merchant category configured against the wallet to buy and is not accepted at any other merchant locations.


For Eg: ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card has four wallets configured against the card: Meal, Medical, Fuel and Travel. If the card is swiped at the Food and Beverages (F&B) outlet, the respective meal wallet is reduced with the transaction amount. In case case the balance is not available in the wallet, the transaction is rejected.

What should I do if I lose my Multiwallet card?


On loss of card, please call our Customer Care to block it. The phone banking officer, post verification will block ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card in the system. On request of the customer, the replacement card will be provided.

What about the available balance on the card after the card has expired for Multi-Wallet Card?


You can place a request at our Customer Care for a replacement card. The new Card will be issued and the available balance will be transferred to the new card within 11 working days, only if the available balance is more than ₹199 plus service tax. Replacement charges of ₹199 plus service tax will be levied on the new card.

Till what time is my ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card valid?


ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card would be valid till the expiry date mentioned on the card.

Can the value of ICICI Bank Multi Wallet card be topped up?


The ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card can be loaded by the Corporate only, subject to the accumulate balance on the card not exceeding the prescribed limit agreed with the Corporate.

Is there a fee levied for the use of multi wallet / prepaid card?


No, there is no charge on the usage of the card. However, there are charges for re-issuance. Any surcharge on account of the card usage would be applicable on ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card and is non-refundable by the Bank.