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What is the Insurance available on the Forex Prepaid card?

Insurance Max Cover Remarks Personal Air Accident Cover - Death only. Rs 10 Lakh. This cover is available for PRIMARY Card members upto the age of 69 and is applicable only overseas. 100% benefit total & disablement (as decided permanent by insurance company)


Policy no. 4049/72244503/04/000

Insurance Max Cover
Personal Air Accident Cover - Death only. ₹ 10,00,000
Missing of connecting International flight during transit USD 300
Loss of travel documents (Passport, Visa, Tickets) USD 500
Hijacking Max Up to USD 3,000
Delay in receipt of checked baggage. USD 300
Lost Card Liability Insurance Cover ₹ 2,00,000
Counterfeit Card Liability Insurance Cover ₹ 2,00,000


Section-wise Conditions


Section I Personal Accident Cover

  • Mode of transit covered: Air

Section II Missing of Connecting International Flight During Transit

  • This cover is applicable when the insured person has already taken the first international flight and the subsequent flight's scheduled departure time is at least six hours after the scheduled arrival of the first flight.
  • Additional expenses for transport, accommodation and boarding will be paid subject a maximum of the sum insured.

Section III Loss of Travel Documents(Passport and Tickets)

  • Time excess of twelve hours is applicable for loss of travel documents.
  • The cost of expenses due to loss of passport will be paid subject to a maximum of the sum insured.
  • No claim will be payble for the loss or damage in the event of:
    1. Delay or confiscation by customer/police or other authority or
    2. The theft is not reported to the police within 24 hours.

Section IV Hijacking

  • USD 125 per day will be paid subject to a maimum of seven days and the sum insured in excess of 12 hours

Section V delay in receipt of checked baggage

  • Additional expenses incurred due to delayed baggage will be payable
  • This cover will be applicable if the delay is more than twelve hours.
  • A non-delivery certificate must be obtained immediately from the airline
  • A claim will be payble only if no comensation is paid by the airline

Section VI

  • All transactions 2 days prior to reporting/7 days post reporting includeing the date of reporting.

Section VII

  • All point-of-sale transactions are covered under this, no PIN based transactions are covered.

Exclusions: All Covers are subject to exclusion of loss/damage/liability due to terrorist activity.


For Insurance calims, please contact ICICI Lombard General Insurance on Toll-Free Number 1800-209-8888 and 1800-2666. You can also mail at ihealthcare@icicilombard.com. ICICI Lombard PBO takes down the claim information from the customer. Checks based on the card number provided for the cover applicable. Forwards the information to the expert for claim validity. If the claim is valid, customer is forwarded the claim form along with the list of supporting documents required. The cheque is sent to customer within 30 days.


Note: The customer is automatically enrolled into the policy on the purchase of the card. The claim will be applicable only if on the incedent date, the Forex Prepaid card is active and had a positive balance on the sum. For terms and conditions please visit wwww.icicibank.com/travelcard.