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Which currencies is the ICICI Bank Forex Prepaid Card available in?

ICICI Bank Multicurrency Forex Prepaid Card is available in World's 15 major currencies.


Sr. No. ICICI Bank Multicurrency Forex Prepaid Card
1 US Dollar
2 Pound Sterling
3 Euro
4 Canadian Dollar
5 Australian Dollar
6 Singapore Dollar
7 Arab Emirate Dirham
8 Swiss Franc
9 Japanese Yen
10 Swedish Krona
11 South African Rand
12 Saudi Arabian Riyal
13 Thai Baht
14 New Zealand Dollar
15 Hong Kong Dollar

So the US Dollar card will have USD loaded on to it (just like the USD Traveler's Cheque). The Card will work in all countries and will dispense local currencies only on usage at ATMs, but in case the US Dollar card is used in say Europe, conversion charges from USD to Euro will be applicable.