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How do I apply for new chequebook?

We request you to apply for a cheque book through any of the below mentioned modes:

Internet Banking: 
Please login to Corporate Internet Banking > Services > Cheque book request.

InstaBIZ app:

Login to InstaBIZ > Select Services icon > Select Order Cheque Book

Corporate Customer Care:
If you are an individual or proprietor Current Account customer, you may call our Corporate Customer Care between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. to order a cheque book. To know the Corporate Customer Care numbers, please click here .

ICICI Bank branch:

Please visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch along with request letter signed as per Mode of Operation (MOP) on entity letterhead. To locate the nearest ICICI Bank branch, visit maps.icicibank.com/mobile .

Once the request is made, the first delivery of the chequebook will be attempted within 5 working days at your communication address updated in our records.