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What if I maintain an MAB higher than Rs. 25,000 in a month for Smart Business Account ?

If the customer maintains an MAB higher than Rs. 25,000, the customer will get free limits as a multiple of the balance maintained or Rs. 1.2 Crore, whichever is lower. Thus, a higher balance will provide for higher free limit as given in the features. Given below is a sample of how the free limits work:


MAB Maintained (Rs)Cash deposit in the month anywhere (Rs)Cash deposit free upto Rs (12 * MAB)Cash deposit not free (and chargeable) Rs
50,00010 Lacs6 Lacs4 Lacs
50,0005 Lacs6 Lacs0
10 Lacs1 Cr1.2 Cr0
10 Lacs1.5 Cr1.2 Cr30 Lacs
30 Lacs2 Cr1.2 Cr80 Lacs