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How can I transfer shares from one Demat account to another?

Shares can be transferred in three different ways:

  1. For physical instruction:
    1. Visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch offering Demat services.
    2. Submit the completely filled Transfer Instruction For Delivery (TIFD)/ Inter-Depository Transfer (IDT) form signed by all the Demat account holders.
    3. In case shares need to be transferred to the broker’s account, please fill up the ‘Market’ section of the TIFD. If the shares need to be transferred to the account of an individual other than the broker, fill up the ‘Off Market’ section.
  2. For e-instruction through www.icicibank.com:
    1. Log in to www.icicibank.com My Accounts> Demat > E-instruction.
    2. Fill up the ‘Market/Off Market’ section as per the requirement.
    3. Mention the details of shares and the consideration amount.
    4. Select the International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) details from the dropdown menu and submit the request.
  3. For e-instruction through Customer Care:
    1. Call Customer Care , punch in the 8-digit Demat Account number followed by the 4-digit TPIN number on the Demat menu. The call would be connected to the Transfer Officer who will take down the request for transfer of shares. To know the local Customer Care numbers,  please click here.

The shares will get transferred on the execution date mentioned in the request.




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