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How to do Transfer cum Demat ? (Demat)

SEBI has withdrawn Transfer-cum-Demat since February 10, 2004.

We suggest that you should first contact the registrar of the company and get the physical share certificates transferred and then contact ICICI Bank branch offering Demat services for converting them into electronic form to be held in your Demat account.

While submitting the DRF with the physical certificates, please ensure that:

  • The Demat Request Forms (DRFs) are signed by all the Demat account holders.
  • The share certificates, as mentioned in the DRF, are attached.
  • The certificates belong to a company which has dematerialized its shares.
  • The holding pattern on the certificates is identical to the holding pattern in the Demat account.

If there is a mismatch between the holding pattern of physical certificates and that of the Demat account, you can:

Open a new Demat account in the name/s in which the share certificates are held

Fill up a "Transfer Deed" form available with any stock broker or stock exchange, attach the share certificates to it and send the documents to the registrar of the company concerned. The registrar will issue new share certificates with holding pattern in the same combination as in the Demat account.

The registrar’s contact details are given on the share certificate.

You may also find them through the steps given below:

  • Visit www.nseindia.com
  • Under the heading "Corporate" click on "Co. Information"
  • Click on "Office Addresses, Transfer Agents & Company Website" and enter the name of the company whose information you want
  • Click on "Search" tab to get the information.

(You can also visit www.bseindia.com and get the information).

To find the shares which are available under Demat list:

  • Visit www.icicibank.com
  • Click on the "Demat" tab. You will go to the Demat section
  • Click on the link "ISIN Lookup"
  • Enter the name of the company whose information you want and click on "Go" to know whether the script is available under Demat.

You can also visit the site www.nsdl.co.in/www.cdslindia.com and get the information.