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Demat Securities in Different Name Combination

How to demat securities in different name combination?

  • The combination and the order of holder's names on DRF and as printed on the share certificate should be identical with that in the Demat account. For example, if the share is in the name of X, Y (X as first holder and Y and second holder) it cannot be dematerialized in the account of either X or Y alone. Nor can it be dematerialized in the name of Y, X (Y as first holder and X as second holder).

  • If the names are the same in the certificates and in the Demat account, but the order is different, then dematerialization is possible by submitting a Transposition Request Form along with the DRF. The form is available at any ICICI Bank branch offering Demat Services.

  • The DRF must be signed by all the account holders and should be in the same order. The signature on the DRF should match with the specimen signature as in the records of ICICI Bank. If the signature differs, you should sign the DRF in the presence of the Branch Officer.

  • If you have a doubt that the signature on the DRF may not match with that registered with the Registrar, you can get the signature on the DRF attested by your banker.

  • The details of certificates such as the folio no., certificate no., and distinctive no. must be filled up correctly on the DRF.