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Mobile Banking

With Mobile Banking you have an option to remain updated while you are on the move, without even having to make a phone call or a visit or logging on the Internet.

ICICI Bank Mobile Banking for Demat Accounts can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Request Facility
  • Alert Facility

The registration is common for both facilities. Please fill Mobile Alerts Registration Form and submit to any ICICI Bank branch offering demat services. The facility is completely FREE. You are not charged a single rupee by ICICI Bank for alerts received by you.

Request Facility

We are pleased to announce yet another value adding feature called - "Pull Alerts". Using Pull Alerts, registered users can access information about their demat accounts using a mobile phone.

As our customer you may have already experienced the convenience of our FREE "Mobile Alerts" facility where-by activities in your demat account are relayed to your mobile phone via SMS.

By registering your mobile number, you can get the following information at your convenience. Customers who have already registered their mobile number for Mobile Alerts can immediately start using this facility. Please note, this is a FREE service:

Some features of this service are:

  • Holdings Enquiry
  • Transaction Status
  • Bill Details
  • Request for ISIN

For detailed information on the formats to be used, click here

Alert Facility

Through this facility, you will receive a mobile alert in the form of SMS whenever there is a significant event in your demat account. You will receive mobile alerts when shares have got credited in your account or if there is an issue with your transfer instruction. For instance you gets Alerts for:-

  • When your TIFD / IDT gets successfully processed or fails.
  • For TIFD / IDT rejection reasons.
  • For Pledge creation and Closure request.
  • For Shares given for demating has credited or rejected in your demat account.
  • For Remat request given and processed successfully.
  • Credits of shares from any other party to your account.
  • For any corporate action taken in your account.