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Public Issue

When subscribing for shares in a public issue, you can request for securities, if allotted, to be credited directly to your demat account and quote your demat account for the purpose in the application form.

After allotment, the securities will be credited directly to your demat account under an intimation to you from the company/registrar. Such credit is done before the date of listing of the securities on a date considered convenient by the company/registrar. However, if the details of the demat account specified in the form are incorrect, the securities will be allotted in physical form and certificates will be sent to you.

SEBI has announced that the shares of all companies going in for Public offer will have to be compulsorily settled in demat form by all investors. It is therefore advantageous for an investor to prefer the allotment in demat form, so that the shares have higher liquidity.