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What is Freezing /Defreezing of Demat Account? and How does it work?

The client has an option to freeze his account in case he does not intend to do any transaction in the near future. These helps in curbing unauthorised use of demat account & prevention of frauds. Once freezed the account can be defreezed only on the instruction of the account holders.

 Following types of Freezing is possible:

  • Freezed for Debit: In this case any debit instruction cannot be passed unless the account is defreezed. However the credit in the account will be received provided a standing instruction for credit is given for the account.
  • Freezed for All: In this case no transfer to & from the account can be done.
  • ISIN Freezing: In this case a specified ISIN can be freezed, blocking the ISIN for debit.
  • Quantity Freezing: In this case a specified quantity of a specified ISIN can be freezed, blocking the quantity for debit.

Defreezing of the account is required to enable the account again for transaction.

The request for freezing & defreezing must be submitted in the prescribed form.