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What is Rematerialisation? How does it work?

5.   Rematerialisation
5.1  Form
5.2  Filling up the form
5.3  Submitting the form
5.4  Receipt of Physical Shares
5.5  Rejection of Remat Requests
5.6  Repurchase of units of UTI US ' 64


5. Rematerialisation

Rematerialisation is the process of converting the securities held in electronic form in a demat account to an equivalent number of securities in physical form (certificates) after debiting the same from the demat account.


5.1 Form

Submit a completely filled up Remat Request Form (RRF) in triplicate for each ISIN. Forms are available at any of the ICICI Bank branches.


5.2 Filling up the form

Ensure that the RRF is completely filled up. Incomplete details may lead to rejection of the remat request.

Use a separate RRF for each eligible security. Please ensure that name of the security and the ISIN number is entered correctly.

Submit requests for balances under lock-in through a separate RRF. Do not mix the same with free securities. Amongst lock-in securities belonging to the same ISIN but having different lock-in release dates or lock-in reason, make separate RRF requests.

You should mention the lot types whether Jumbo or Market Lot clearly. If the same is not filled up then the registrar will send certificates in market lot.

You must have sufficient free balance in your account for the ISIN for which the RRF is submitted.

The RRF must be signed by all the account holder's and should be in the same order. The signature on the RRF should match with the specimen signature with ICICI Bank.


5.3 Submitting the form

You should submit the RRF in triplicate. You can submit the RRF at any ICICI Bank branch. The acknowledgement slip at the bottom of the form will be stamped and handed over to you after verification by the ICICI Bank official.


5.4 Receipt of Physical Shares

The RRF is forwarded to the registrar. On acceptance of the remat request by the registrar, your account will be debited. The physical share certificate will be sent directly to you by the registrar. You can also check the same on www.icicibank.com or through IVR or phone us or visit the nearest Branch. You will also receive an alert for the success/failure of your request on SMS (registration form for "Mobile Alerts" on www.icicibank.com).

The normal time taken for receipt of the physical shares is within a period of 30 days. However the time taken would vary from one registrar to another over which ICICI Bank has no control.

In case you do not receive the physical shares within a month of submission, you can either phone us or write to us using the "Email Us" option, so that we can check with the registrar.

In case there is a delay beyond 40 days, if you so wish, ICICI Bank can give you the registrar's name and telephone number as well as your Remat Request Number (RRN).


5.5 Rejection of Remat Requests

Your request may get rejected for various reasons either at the Central Processing Office of ICICI Bank or by the Registrar. On a rejection, you will be informed about the reason for rejection of the request.

You can submit a fresh request after resolving the reason for the rejection.


5.6 Repurchase of units of UTI US '64

For and on behalf of National Securities Depository Limited

All Participants are hereby informed that Unit Trust of India (UTI) has intimated to NSDL about the conversion of US64 units in demat to 6.75% tax free GOI US64 bonds. Further, UTI has also intimated that rematerialisation/dematerialisation/repurchase requests for US64 units held under ISINs INF189A01095, INF189A01129, INF189A01103, INF189A01137, INF189A01111 and INF189A01145 should not be accepted after May 31, 2003. A copy of letter no. UT/DOO/849/opr-160/2002-03 dated May 28, 2003 is enclosed for the information of Participants.