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How does Purchase / Receipt of Securities work?

All purchase/ receipt of securities in your account is effected as per your 'Standing instructions for Credit' given to ICICI Bank to receive credits automatically in your account. You normally give such a standing instruction in the account opening form itself. You can give it later also by writing to the DP.

If you have not given a standing instruction for receiving credits, you are required to give a specific receipt instruction for each credit in the prescribed form.
The date of credit will depend on your broker's instructions and ICICI Bank has no control on the same.

  • To ensure proper credit in your account, please instruct your broker to credit the shares to your account number with ICICI Bank. For this, give your Demat account number and the ICICI Bank DP ID to the broker.
  • Please note that you must settle your money transaction independently with the broker.

You can also check the same on www.icicibank.com or through IVR or phone us or visit the nearest Branch. You will also receive an alert for the success/failure of your request on SMS registration form for "Mobile Alerts" on www.icicibank.com).