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Will I get a FD Advice?

1. Fixed deposit Advice in printable format will be updated within 2 working days of opening your FD account. To access it, please login to Internet Banking with your User ID and Password and click on the following options under Bank Accounts:
a. Account Summary - View/Download Fixed Deposit Advice.
b. Service Request - Fixed/Recurring Deposits Related - Status of Fixed Deposit Receipt.

2. The Fixed Deposit (FD) Advice will be sent to your communication address within 7 working days from the date of opening of the Fixed Deposit account.

3. FD Advice is not issued for Linked Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits.

4. Physical FD Advice will not be sent if Fixed Deposit Receipt has been issued.

5. If you do not receive the physical FD Advice within 7 working days you can contact our 24-hour Customer Care or visit your nearest ICICI Bank branch with your ID proof.