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Is TDS applicable on Recurring Deposits?

According to Finance Bill, 2015, effective June 1, 2015, TDS shall be applicable on the interest earned on recurring deposit/ variable recurring deposits etc. Interest earned from fixed deposit/ recurring deposit / variable recurring deposit shall be clubbed for the purpose of computing the total interest paid/ payable during the financial year and applicability of TDS. 

It has also been proposed that banks need to deduct tax on interest credited/ paid or likely to be credited/ paid exceeding Rs. 40,000 to a depositor at bank level as against the existing process of branch level. As per the provisions of Finance Act 2009, w.e.f April 1, 2010, valid PAN is required to be submitted by all customers whose tax needs to be deducted. In the absence of a valid PAN, tax will be deducted at the prevailing rate or 20% whichever is higher. Also, Form 15G/ H shall not be treated as valid, unless PAN is mentioned in such forms.