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How do I create a goal in iWish?

Please login to your Internet Banking account www.icicibank.com. Click on “iWish” on the top right hand corner.

  • After the iWish page opens, click on “Start Now” from the Goals page.
  • At the time of creating the goal you will be required to enter information relating to the goal (Name, Category, Amount and Tenure) and the Initial Deposit Amount.
  • You may choose to set up a standing instruction and earn 10 reward points for every standing instruction executed successfully towards your iWish goal.
  • You can also choose to share your goal on Facebook.
  • After clicking on "Create Goal" your goal will be created instantaneously. You can transfer funds to your goal as soon as your goal is created. However, the goal balance will be displayed within 4 hours from creation of the goal.
  • Please note the goal will not be created in case
  1. There are insufficient funds in your account,
  2. Your funding account is in a frozen state,
  3. Your funding account is dormant or inactive or
  4. If you are an NRI or a corporate customer.

If case of technical not-errors, your goal will get activated within 2 working days.