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Digital Gold

I have performed a ‘Sell transaction’; my gold balance has been deducted, but I did not receive the credit amount into my account. What will happen now?


The gold balance deducted will be restored within 2 working days. You may choose to repeat the sell transaction once the gold wallet balance is restored.

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To navigate to the product on

Internet Banking:
Login → Investment & Insurance → Digital Gold

iMobile app:
Login → Invest & Insure → Digital Gold

What are the details that are shared with SafeGold?


Your name, Pin Code, latest mobile number and e-mail ID will be shared with SafeGold. You will be receiving transaction related communication from SafeGold on this mobile number and e-mail ID.

I am unable to view my gold balance. What do I do? Or Why is there a difference between Buy & Sell price? Or What is the reference for the price being quoted? Or Why is there a GST being charged on Bu


Please reach SafeGold on 8881000800 with your query regarding Digital Gold.

My account has been debited, but I did not receive the purchased gold credited into my wallet. What will happen now?


In case you haven’t received the gold purchased into your wallet balance, the amount deducted will be refunded to your account within 5 working days.

I tried navigating to the Digital Gold product on Internet Banking/ iMobile. Why is there a prompt asking me to update my PAN?


In order to continue using the Digital Gold product, you will have to update your PAN in your bank account. The PAN is mandatory as it may be required for regulatory reporting purpose by SafeGold.

Just click on the ‘Update PAN’ button and it redirects you to the page where you can update your PAN against your account. Once the update is complete, you can revisit the ‘Digital Gold’ page and continue with your purchase.

Why is the Pin Code field showing ‘non-deliverable’? Or Why is there a Pin Code field? Or How do I check if a Pin Code is deliverable?


SafeGold allows users to opt for physical delivery of accumulated Gold at select Pin Code. Also, ‘Delivery’ service will be provided only at the registered address present against your bank account. The Pin Code field present on the page shows whether the Pin Code of your registered address is serviceable for delivery or not. Click on 'Change' in the field to check the delivery service availability at any Pin Code of your choice. However, you may choose to update your registered address at the time of requesting delivery or through the ‘Update Address’ option available on Internet Banking/ iMobile app.

Why is there an ‘Update Address’ button? Or I am unable to proceed/ make payment to opt for delivery even though I have sufficient gold balance, what do I do? Or The Proceed to pay option is not highlighted on my delivery page, what do I do?


Delivery service will be provided only at the registered address provided against your bank account. In case you wish to update the registered address of your bank account, check the deliverability of your new address using the Pin Code field before proceeding to update the address.

The payment option on delivery page will be disabled for customers whose registered address is not deliverable. In case you want to update the address, click on ‘update address’ button to raise the request for update. Once the new address is successfully updated in Bank’s records, you may revisit the delivery page and proceed with the intended transaction.