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Can non-account holders of ICICI Bank make an outward remittance through ICICI Bank? What are the requirements for making such remittance?

Yes, resident non account holders can make an outward remittance through ICICI Bank for current account non-trade transactions. Non-account holders are required to provide their identity and residence proof at the time of placing the request for outward remittance. The payment for the remittance may be made by account payee cheque or Demand Draft or by Cash deposit (upto Rs. 50,000/-). The payment can also be made through NEFT or RTGS, for more details please visit your nearest ICICI Bank branch.

However, non-account holders may not make remittances for capital account transactions under the "Liberalised Remittance Scheme". (For details of the scheme, please refer to Q 12 below.)

NRIs who do not hold an account with ICICI Bank cannot make remittances through ICICI Bank.