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What are the steps involved in one to one NEFT/RTGS Payee Registration for URN confirmation?
  1. Click on 'Transfers'
  2. Then click on ‘Manage Bene/ Billers’ and then click on ‘Add Bene’ as per your transfer preference
  3. One-time registration for each beneficiary will have to be carried out. To do so, please click on ‘Add Beneficiary Other Bank’
  4.  For registration, please provide the following details:
    • Beneficiary Name: This field is mandatory and is used to enter the beneficiary name. This can hold maximum of 30 characters.
    • Beneficiary Account No: This is a text field and is mandatory. The beneficiary account number should be entered here. This field can hold maximum of 15 characters.
    • Beneficiary Account Type: This field is a drop-down box which will prompt you to select the type of beneficiary account. Options on offer will be Savings Bank, Current Account, Cash Credit or Loan Account.
    • Beneficiary City: The beneficiary city name can be selected by navigating through the dropdown box.
    • Beneficiary Bank: The beneficiary bank name can be selected by typing the abbreviated name or dropdown box.
    • Beneficiary Branch: On giving all the details given above, you will be shown all the list of all the branches of the selected bank at the selected location.
  5. To confirm a Payee, enter OTP received on you mobile number.


    • For OTP authentication, your mobile number needs to be updated on Corporate Internet Banking
    • For updation of mobile number/ e-mail address, please submit a signed request on your company letterhead at nearest branch mentioning your Corporate ID, User ID, Account number, Customer ID.
  6.  Once you register a beneficiary or if you wish to transfer money to registered beneficiary, you can select the payee to whom you want to transfer the money.
  7.  After filling the details and clicking on pay, you will be prompted to enter the OTP and any 3 digits selected at random from the 16 digit number of the ATM/Debit card/ Business Banking Inquiry Card linked to the Debit Account. To complete the transaction, you will need to enter all the 3 numbers correctly.

    New mode of authentication for online Funds Transfer transactions  In case, if you have been issued a ATM/Debit card/ Business Banking Inquiry Card with a grid (16 cells with alphabets from A to P and numbers printed on them ) table on the reverse of the card, then you will be required to enter 3 values from among them. These values which have been randomly selected by the system from the 8 x 2 grid table. 

    All the 16 cells of the grid table are numbered from A to P and contain numeric values. For example: You may be asked enter the numeric grid values in cells C, G and K which might be 21, 45 and 96. Your transaction will only be processed only if you correctly enter these values from your grid table.