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I have clicked on Tax Payment, Trade Online, CMS payments, CMS collections, Trade MIS, Treasury etc. However, the relevant page is not displayed. What is the issue?

These are third party applications and open in a new window. For such cases, you can disable the popup blocker or you need to add CIB URL as exception.

Process to disable popup blocker:


  • Go to chrome://settings/contentExceptions#popups
  • Enter https://cibnext.icicibank.com:443 in text box
  • Select Allow from dropdown and Click on done

Internet Explorer:

  • Click on Tools button near top right of the window
  • Select Internet Options and Click on Privacy Tab
  • Under Popup Blocker, click Settings button and enter https://cibnext.icicibank.com:443 in ‘ Address of website to allow’ field, then Click Add button

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Click the menu button and choose Options
  • Select Content panel. In the Content panel below Pop-ups:
  • Uncheck the box next to Block pop-up windows to disable the pop-up blocker altogether
  • Click on “Exceptions” to open dialog box with a list of sites to be allowed for pop-ups
  • Enter https://cibnext.icicibank.com:443 in “Address of website” field and click Allow

Alternatively, the popup blocker can be disabled by clicking the address bar