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What are the exclusions under Road Side Assistance cover in Car Insurance Policy?

Services for Road Side Assistance (RSA) will not be provided in the below mentioned scenarios:
• Under conditions of earthquake, war, invasion, rebellion, revolt, riot, civil commotion, civil war, exceptional adverse weather conditions, acts of terrorism, nuclear fission, strike, act(s) of government(s)/ government agencies/ judicial/ quasi-judicial authorities
• Any claims where your vehicle is being used for the purpose of racing, rallying, motor-sports or is not being used/driven in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
• Any claim where your vehicle can safely be transferred on its own to the nearest garage/ workshop
• Any claims triggered by theft; any kind of consequential losses
• Any loss which is covered under any other insurance policy or manufacturer’s warranty or recall campaign or under any other such packages at the same time
• Any expenses for supply or replacement of parts/consumables
• Any loss/damage caused to your vehicle when it is being used/driven against the recommendations of the owner’s/manufacturer’s manual
• Any claims where services have been availed of without the prior consent of the Company