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What are the events covered in ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance policy?
The ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance policy is a comprehensive vehicle insurance cover, which offers you: • Any loss or damage to your vehicle • Third Party Liability • Any permanent injury / death to a person caused by your insured vehicle • Any damage caused to the property other than property belonging to the insured or held in trust or in custody or control of insured by your vehicle • A Personal Accident Cover for the owner-driver of the vehicle while he/she is driving In case of loss or damage to the vehicle or the accessories insured, the Company covers the insured if the accident occurs due to the following hazards: • Fire, explosion, self ignition or lightning • Burglary, housebreaking or theft • Riot and strike • Earthquake (fire and shock damage) • Flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost • Accident by external means • Malicious act • Terrorist activity • Whilst in transit by road, rail, inland-waterway, lift, elevator or air • Landslide and rockslide