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What is Car Insurance Online Claim?

A claim can be defined as a legal statement made to gain the following:

• Money as per the terms of insurance
• Enforcement of a right against third party as stated in the policy

The legal document that carries ‘claim’ is often referred to as a ‘Statement of Claim’. It is often in the form of a communication expressed in the amount of cash which the party requires to pay or reimburse. Consumers may face many issues when filing the ‘statement of claim’. Although the process of filing a claim is straight forward, it is vital to carry it out in a proper manner. In the event of failure to do so, the claim may be declared null and void.

Check out the process for car insurance claims in India:

Step 1: Notify the Company

First, you should call your insurance company or representative at the earliest. Make sure you follow this step regardless of how far you are from home. It is crucial to inform the insurance company about the accident.

Step 2: Get Guidance

You should get adept guidance on how to proceed with the claims process from your insurance provider. Know about the forms and important documents required for the same. You can get this information on the car insurance online website.

Step 3: Documentation

You may require a "proof of loss" form in conjunction with the documents related to your claim such as bills for car repair, medical bills etc. Make sure you supply all of the necessary info to the insurer in order to process the claim.

Step 4: Expenses

Keep the records of all of your expenses incurred due to an accident.

Step 5: Keep Records

Make double sure you keep records of paperwork intact. The documentation may be required for reference later.

Process of Registering a Car Insurance Claim

Step 1:

Make sure you note the number of the other vehicle involved in the accident.

Step 2:

List out names and contact details of witnesses.

Step 3:

Get in touch with the insurance provider’s 24X7 call centre. Also keep the claim number/reference number handy.

Step 4:

Contact a call centre representative to get the details of documents needed for processing the claim. You should also provide the details of your preferred garage, where the facility for cashless repair is available.

Step 5:

File an FIR (First Information Report) at the nearest police station in the event of theft, damage to property, bodily injury, and other major damages.