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Home Insurance

How to download insurance copy using policy number?


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Can we offer Home insurance for a building, which is 45 years old?

We offer a cover for the buildings not more than 50 years old.

In Home Insurance policy how do I calculate the value of the structure?

In home insurance policy, the structure of your home is insured for its reconstruction value (and not for the market value). This value is the cost incurred to reconstruct the home if it is damaged. On the other hand, market value of your home is a combination of cost of land, demand and supply scenario, etc. The sum insured is calculated by multiplying the built up area of your home with the construction rate per sq. feet, e.g. if the built up area of your home is 1000 sq. feet and the construction rate is ₹1800 per sq. feet, the sum insured for your home structure is ₹18,00,000

Is my home insured if my wife uses a part of it (room) for conducting coaching classes?

No. Homes used for business purposes are not covered.

How is the value of jewellery calculated in Home Insurance policy?

The maximum value of jewellery covered will be 25% of the total contents or ₹1 lakh, whichever is lower.

What are the different modes of payment in Home Insurance policy?

You can make secure premium payments with your VISA, MasterCard or AMEX Credit Card.

What are the documents required for filing a claim in Home Insurance policy?


The following are the basic documents required for filing a claim:

• Duly filled and completed Claim form
• Policy Copy
• Invoices of supplier
• Final bills of repairers
• FIR, Investigation report of police, if required
• Any other documents requested by surveyor or claims manager

If my AC is damaged or is out of order due to a technical issue, is it covered in the Home Insurance policy?

If the damage is caused due to the action of insured perils then it will be covered under the policy.

Who can take the Home insurance?

The owner of the property (dwelling and contents) with insurable interest can insure an asset.

What if I sell the property during the Home Insurance policy period?

You can cancel the policy and take the premium back as per the refund grid.

What do I do in case of a burglary claim in Home Insurance policy?

In case of burglary claims, surveyor assesses the loss and basis surveyor report and FIR claims would be settled.

How is the structure of my home insured in the Home Insurance policy?


The structure of your home is insured as per the re-instatement value. The policy covers losses to the structure of your home due to any natural and man-made calamities.
The calamities covered are:
• Fire
• Riot, strike and malicious damage
• Explosion and implosion
• Earthquake
• Lightning
• Storm, cyclone, tempest, tornado, hurricane, flood and inundation
• Damage due to impact by vehicles
• Missile testing operation
• Subsidence, landslides and rockslides
• Leakage from automatic Sprinkler installations
• Aircraft damage
• Bursting and/or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus and pipes

Optional covers:

Terrorism cover: Covers any damages and losses to the structure of your home due to acts of terrorism. Please note that the Terrorism Cover is an optional cover and the coverage is valid for the first year only.

Additional expenses of rent for alternative accommodation: If you are forced to shift into an alternative accommodation because your home is destroyed or damaged by any insured peril, the policy will cover you against the additional rent.

The maximum coverage is up to ₹1,00,000 for 6 months. The cover is available only if you are insuring the structure of your home.

I live on rent, why would I require Home insurance policy?


We have an option to cover the contents of your home. Our comprehensive home insurance policy covers

• Household appliances
• Jewellery
• Furniture and fixtures
• Personal items against fire and allied perils

Why a list of items is not required in Home Insurance policy?

Insurance works on good faith. We as an insurance company trust our customers. Therefore, the specific and detailed listing of your contents is not always necessary when you buy home insurance from us. However, preserving the bills helps in faster claims settlement. In the absence of bills, alternate evidence will be taken into consideration.

What is the policy start date for Home Insurance?

The policy start date for home insurance will be 7 days from the online transaction date.

In Home Insurance policy how do I calculate the value of contents?

The contents are assessed on the market value of the items. This means that if there were a loss, the claim would be paid on the value of purchasing a similar new item less depreciation for the usage.

If I carry my valuables outside my premises and the valuables are burgled on the way, is the burglary covered in Home Insurance policy?

No. Any burglary taking place outside your premises or when your items are outside your premises is not covered under the insurance policy. This is because this is a premises insurance policy and all covers are linked to the insured property inside your premises.

If losses are incurred due to an incident like the garden catching fire and spreading to the premises, will it be covered in Home Insurance policy?

Yes, the spread of fire to the insured premises is covered but the fire should not be a deliberate action of the insured.

If I rent out my house will my tenants be also covered under Home Insurance Policy?

The person who is the rightful owner can take an insurance cover for an asset. If you own the building, you will have to take Building Insurance for the civil structure. In case your tenants want to insure their belongings, they have to buy insurance for their contents separately.

If I take additional safety precautions like fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, sprinklers etc., will it reduce the premium amount for Home Insurance policy ?

Installing fire-extinguishing apparatus does not lower the premium in case of home insurance. Fire Extinguishing Allowance [FEA] is applicable for the entire building, which the society can take

If my servant is involved in the burglary, is the loss covered in Home Insurance policy?

No. Any loss or damage caused due to burglary or attempted burglary where your servants are involved is not covered under the policy.

If three people share an apartment can each one take a separate home insurance policy?

Yes, for their part of the asset.

What are the exclusions in Home Insurance policy?


The company is not liable to make payment for:

• Any loss or damage caused by you or your domestic staff direct or indirect involvement in an attempted burglary
• Any loss or damage on account of loss of livestock, motor vehicles, pedal cycles, money, securities for money, stamp, bullion, deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, stock or share certificates, business books, manuscripts, documents of any kinds, ATM debit or credit cards, unless previously specifically declared by the company.
• Any loss or damage to any property that is illegally acquired, kept, stored which is subject to forfeiture.
• Any loss or damage occurring while your home is unoccupied for a period of more than 30 days consecutively and if you failed to inform the company about the same.

I live in a building insured by my society. Would I need to take additional Home insurance?

The insurance that your society provides may offer you a limited cover and generally includes only structure and not contents. You could consider home content insurance cover for your belongings if the building structure of your house is insured by the society.

What are the losses/ perils covered under Home Insurance policy?


Home insurance covers natural and man-made calamities such as:
• Fire
• Lightening
• Explosion/Implosion
• Aircraft Damage
• Impact Damage
• Riot, Strike, Malicious and Terrorism Damage
• Storm, Cyclone, Typhoon, Tempest, Hurricane, Tornado, Flood and Inundation
• Subsidence and Landslide including Rockslide
• Bursting and/or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus and pipes
• Missile Testing Operations
• Leakage from Automatic Sprinkler Installation
• Bush Fire
• Earthquake
• Optional Cover for “Additional rent for Alternate Accommodation"
• Optional Cover for Terrorism

On what basis are the structure and contents insured in Home Insurance policy?

The structure of your home is insured as per the re-instatement value and the contents are insured as per the market value.

How will you asses a claim in Home Insurance policy?


• On providing the relevant information, including your policy details and claim details, your claim request is authenticated and is escalated to the company's claim department
• The claim department validates and registers the request. A surveyor is appointed within 48 hours
• The surveyor submits the Final Survey Report (FSR) along with the documents within 7 days
• On approval of the claim, a letter is sent to you giving the approved amount of settlement along with the discharge voucher
• The payment cheque is released on receipt of the signed discharge voucher

How do I register a claim in Home Insurance policy?

You may register your claim by calling our 24-hour Customer Care on 1800-2666.

What are the documents required to buy a home insurance cover?

There are no documents required if you opt for a policy online. You need to fill requested details to opt for the policy.

If I work out of my home, is my inventory and business property also covered in Home Insurance Policy?

The home insurance product is only for residential property. In case you use your home as your place of business also, you have to take Merchant Cover.