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Why do I need term life insurance?
• Protection against loss of income: In case of an unfortunate event your family may lose source of income, the term insurance money can be used to take care of your family`s financial needs in your absence. • Provision for future goals: Term life plan ensures your family`s future goals like child`s education and owning a house care taken care • No burden of loans on your family: You may take loans for assets like a house or a car. However, if something happens to you, your loved ones might be burdened with loan repayments. In such a situation, the term insurance payout can be utilized by your family to pay off outstanding loans. • Peace of mind: When you have safeguarded future of your dependents, you can rest assured • Tax Saving: The premiums paid are tax free under section 80C & 80D and the claim amount received is tax free under Section 10(10D).