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How to choose a right term plan?
• A Brand you can trust: You should choose a brand which is likely to make a payment in case a claim is made. It can be decided by knowing the Claim settlement ratio, Assets under management, year of establishment and solvency ratio of a brand. • Claim settlement ratio: Claim settlement ratio is calculated on the basis of individual claims settled over total individual claims for the financial year. Thus, if an insurer has claim settlement ratio of 98 percent it means, 98 out of 100 were identified as valid claims by the company and were paid out • Product: The term life insurance plan should suit your needs. It should give a longer cover, multiple add-on benefits to choose from and a limited pay option to pay off your premiums in a short time and enjoy the benefits of a longer cover. • Added Benefits: One must also look at added benefits that come with a term plan for e.g.: terminal illness cover, critical illness cover, accidental death benefit or waiver of premium due to disability • Customer Service: Look for an insurer which makes you term life insurance purchase simple and hassle free and ensures that your loved ones can file a claim easily and receive the amount in the case of an unfortunate event. • Affordability: The term life insurance plan should fit in your budget. It should give you options of monthly, quarterly or yearly payments.