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What is Political risk and Catastrophe Evacuation cover in Single round trip policy plan?

While you are on the trip covered within the period of insurance and:

• Officials in the country where you is visiting, recommend that certain categories of persons which include you should leave the country, or
• You are expelled from or declared persona non grata in the country you are in, or
• A catastrophe (fire, flood, earthquake, storm, lightning, explosion, hurricane or epidemic due to contagious disease) has occurred in the country you are in, necessitating immediate evacuation in order to avoid risk of personal injury or illness, then the company shall pay the cost of your return to your country of residence or the nearest place of safety up to the cost of an economy class air ticket for the same and reasonable accommodation costs up to a maximum of USD 300 per day for a maximum of 7 days if you are unable to return to your country of residence.The company’s liability under this benefit shall not exceed the Sum Insured as specified against this Benefit in the Policy Schedule which is USD 7500.