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How to raise a complaint in BBPS?


Go to transaction enquiry, search your transaction. Select and raise complaint transaction wise.

What is Complaint Management System in BBPS? How can a Consumer raise a complaint?


BBPS will have a centralised end-to-end complaint management system for all transactions. A Consumer can register complaints at:

  • Any BBPOU portal or agent outlet/branch
  • Centralised BBPCU website

Two kinds of complaints can be raised:

  • Transaction based complaints
  • Service based complaints

Who are our Agents in BBPS?


Any collection point except ICICI Bank's own channel where bill payments can happen via ICICI Bank is our agent. Example: retail store.

What happens if Bill is not fetched in BBPS? Can I retry it?


Bill fetch does not have timeout. If the response is not received, the User can initiate another bill fetch request. There is no cost associated to it. Multiple bill fetch requests will give same response.

What is the maximum time period to initiate the refund request after the Bill payment and settlement in BBPS?


180 seconds for online scenario. For offline biller scenario, the refund will be done manually.

Can I pay extra or less of specific bill amount in BBPS?


Yes. If it is allowed by your biller.

What is BBPS?


Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) eases the payment of bills and improves the security and speed of bill pay. The service is available in multiple payment modes, online and through a network of agents. An instant confirmation is generated for the bill payments. The BBPS will transform the society from cash to electronic payment system, making it less dependent on cash. Currently you can pay bill for utility (Gas, electricity, water, DTH) and telecom billers.

For more details about BBPS, please visit our website www.icicibank.com > Personal > Payments > Bharat Bill Payments System.  

What is service based complaint in BBPS?


If complaint is regarding agent/collection point, biller, bank etc.

What is transaction based complaint in BBPS?


If the complaint is regarding a particular transaction: transaction failure, refund etc.

What if my biller is not available in BBPS biller list?


In that case, please find alternative option in quick pay under payments or bill pay after logging in.

How to pay bill via BBPS?


Path: www.icicibank.com->payment -> BBPS bill Pay. Without logging in, User can find biller and pay bill using Net Banking, Credit or Debit Card.

BBPS bill payment can happen from any bank's channel?


No, payments can be done via participated banks only.

What are the different payment channels in BBPS?


BBPS transaction can be initiated through multiple payment channels like Internet, Mobile, POS (Point of Sale terminal), MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale terminal), Kiosk, ATM, Bank Branch Agents and Business Correspondents.

What are the different payment modes in BBPS?


BBPS facilitates a plethora of payment modes through which consumer can make a bill payment. The payment modes at BBPS are Cash, Cards (Credit, Debit & Prepaid), IMPS, Internet Banking, UPI, Wallets & NEFT.

What all billers are available in BBPS?


To start with all utility services such as electricity, water, gas, telephone and Direct-To-Home (DTH). Gradually, Mutual Funds, Insuarance, Educational institutes etc. will be part of it.

Whom to contact if complaint is going beyond TAT in BBPS?


If you are paying online please contact bank, incase of offline please contact your payment counter or branch.

A bill is paid at an Agent, complaint is raised at another agent from a different BBPS bank or non bank. Is it possible? Who will be the complaint owner in that case?


Complaints can be raised from any BBPS service point, however complaint will be assigned to the customer BBPOU where transaction was initiated.