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How do I make a payment to a registered biller?

Payment to Billers in "Payment" mode

STEP I: Click on "Make a payment" option.
STEP II: Select the biller for which the payment has to be made.
STEP III: Click on "Pay" and enter details as required by the biller.
STEP IV: Click on "Pay"
STEP V: Confirm the transaction by entering your 'transaction password'. The status of your bill payment will appear as "Scheduled for Payment" in the bill pay home page.

Payment for Billers in "Presentment" mode

For billers in presentment mode, your registration details are sent to the biller. Subsequently whenever the bill is generated by the biller, it is uploaded on www.icicibank.com.

STEP I: The status of the bill will be shown as "Waiting for Acceptance" in the bill pay home page.
STEP II: Select the bill and click on "Details".
STEP III: The bill with the necessary details will be displayed. Enter the date on which you want to pay the bill and click on "Pay".
The status of the bill where previously it was showing "Waiting for acceptance" will change as "Pending".

(NOTE: You can schedule the payment on such bills only on or before the due date specified otherwise the bill will get defaulted. You cannot make payments to the bills with defaulted status.)