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Social Features on Pockets

1. What social features are available on App?

  • You can share your App with your friends.
  • You can Like App and see how many have liked this App.
  • Your completed transactions will be displayed in your Activity Feed section. You can post your transaction on your Facebook or send message to your friend about    the transaction.
  • You will know which of your friends have registered this App.
  • You will also come to know who of your registered friends concurrently using the App.
  • You can also choose to follow your friends on App if they are also registered user of the App. If you are following your friends, you will come to know about their activities on the App.
  • You also have option to Like activities of your Friends whom you are following and will also come to know the total likes of your friends.

2. If my friends are following me, but I do not want to share with them my all financial transaction. Is it possible?

Yes. It is possible. App allows you to stop sharing your activities to your friends who are following you. You can either hide all of your activities or specific activities and hidden activities will not be shared.

3. I may want to share some activities with one friend, but not with other friends. Is it possible?

Yes. It is very much possible. You can customize your hide activities setting.

4. Can I post my past activities?

Yes. You can post your past activities from your Activity Feeds page on the App. In your activity feed page, you can view last 6 months of your activities done on the App.