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Pay a friend feature

1. What is Pay a Friend facility?

Pay a Friend facility allows you to transfer funds to your friends without the need to ask their account details like account number, bank branch, branch IFS code etc.
Through this facility, you can create an electronic coupon that can be redeemed by your friend later on by visiting www.icicibank.com/pockets.                 

2. Can the coupon be redeemed or claimed at ICICI Bank branches?

No. Coupon can only be redeemed online at www.icicibank.com/pockets. Click here to redeem your Coupon.

3. I don't have bank account details of my friends to whom I want to send money. Can I still send money using Pay a Friend?

Yes. You can still send the money to your friend through Pay a Friend.                 

4. How will my friend come to know that I have sent money to him?

When you send money through this service an electronic coupon is generated of that value. The coupon details is sent to your friends mobile no, email id or Facebook depending on the friend's contact medium selected by you at the time when coupon is created.

5. I have received one pass code on my mobile number when I created a coupon to send money to my friend. What am I supposed to do with it?

You need to pass on this pass code to your friend as your friend will not be able to redeem the coupon unless he has this pass code. This arrangement is done to make the coupon more secure.                 

6. My friend does not have a bank account. Can he encash the Coupon at ICICI Bank branch?

No. Your friend should have a valid bank account. The bank account need not necessarily be of ICICI Bank.                 

7. What is Coupon ID?

Coupon ID is a 12 digit number generated by the App when you request for transfer of money to your friend. It is a kind of soft coupon which can be claimed by your friend by placing redemption request of the coupon online at www.icicibank.com/pockets.

8. What is Pass code?

Pass code is a 4 digit verification number that is generated by the App when a coupon is created. The code is sent to the initiator’s registered mobile number at the time of placing request for sending money.

9. Is sending pass code on Facebook safe?

Yes. It is completely safe as the post will be visible to your friend only to whom you want to send money. Please do not share the post on your Facebook.

10. Is the Coupon valid for ever?

No. Coupon is valid for 3 days since its creation. On the 4th day the coupon will be invalid and the coupon amount will be credited to your account.

11. How much time does it take to redeem the coupon?

If your friend has an ICICI Bank account, then coupon money will be transferred instantaneously to his ICICI Bank account. If your friend has an account in any other bank, then the coupon money is transferred within 1 working day.

12. My account is debited, but I have not received Coupon id & Pass code?

In such case, if you find your transaction details in Pay a Friend "History", then you have option to resend Coupon Id and pass code. Alternately you can cancel the transaction and re-initiate a new one. Coupon amount is credited back to your account on cancellation.
If money is not credited back, please contact our 24 hour customer care.

13. I have chosen Notify your friend through "Facebook" while requesting for money transfer, but I am not able to find my friend name in the list?

You will be able to see your friend's name in the list, if you have added him in friend list of your Facebook account.

14. How will I come to know whether my friend has claimed or redeemed the Coupon?

You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number when Coupon is redeemed successfully. Alternately you can track your Coupon status through "History" option of Pay a Friend service in the App.

15. Can I register my friend one time, if I need to send him money at frequent basis?

 No. Currently this facility is not available.

16. Is there any Coupon amount limit?

Yes, There is a limit for transferring money to your friend through "Pay a Friend":

  • Total Maximum limit for transactions per day / per remitter = Rs. 10,000
  • Maximum limit per transaction = Rs. 10,000

17. I have created a coupon with incorrect details, how to rectify the same?

At best, you can cancel the coupon to get back coupon money into your account. To cancel, go to "History" option under Pay a Friend service option in App. On cancellation, funds will be credited to your account instantly.

18. While redeeming the coupon my friend entered a wrong account number, can I stop the transaction and put the correct account number?

No. Once redemption request is placed, it can not be stopped. Request your friend to take extra care while entering his account details at the time of redemption.

19. What does different status like NEFT Initiated etc of Coupon mean?

Possible Coupon status and their meanings are given below -

Coupon Generated– This means that redemption request of the Coupon is not yet placed by your friend.

Redemption Initiated– This means your friend has placed request for redemption of the Coupon.

Redeemed– This means your friend has received Coupon money in his account.

Cancelled– This means either you have canceled the Coupon or System has canceled the Coupon due to 3 consecutive failed verification by your friend at the time of redemption.

Redemption Failed – This means redemption request placed by your friend has failed. The Coupon will remain eligible for redemption till its validity.

Expired– This means Coupon was not redeemed by your friend during its validity and will no longer available for redemption. Coupon money is refunded back to your account.  

20. How do I Redeem the coupon received from my Friend?

  • Go to www.icicibank.com/pockets
  • Select Redeem Coupon.
  • Read the instructions on the screen and proceed to redeem the coupon.

21. Can I redeem partial amount?

No. Coupon can only be redeemed for full amount. Partial redemption is not available.

22. From where will I get the pass code?

The pass code is sent to your friend who has sent you the Coupon. Please ask your friend to share the pass code with you to redeem the coupon.

23. I have erroneously entered a wrong account number. Can I stop the redemption?

No. Once redemption request is placed, it can not be stopped. Please take maximum care while entering your account number.

24. I have lost the Coupon Id and pass code received from ICICI Bank. How to get it again?

You can get Coupon Id and pass code again. Ask your friend to resend these details by using Resend pass code facility of Pay a Friend service.

25. System is not accepting my redemption request, even if I am entering correct details and pass codes. Why?

This may be due to any of the following reasons -

  • Coupon, you are trying to redeem has expired. A coupon is valid only for 3 days from the date of creation

26. In how much time I will get money into my account?

If you are redeeming the Coupon into your ICICI Bank account, you will get the money instantly. If you are redeeming the Coupon into any other bank account, you will get the money in 1 working day.

27. If my redemption request has failed last time, can I redeem the coupon again?

Yes. You can place a redemption request again if it has failed last time, during the validity of the Coupon. Coupon validity period is of 3 days from its creation.

28. Do I have to check my Account statement to know whether Coupon has been redeemed successfully?

You will receive an intimation on your mobile, email id or Facebook if your redemption request is successful. However it is recommended to check your account statement to ascertain whether coupon amount is received in your account or not.

29. I have received the information from ICICI Bank that Coupon is redeemed successfully, but amount is not credited to my account. What should I do?

You can ask your friend to get in touch with our 24 hour Customer Care to ascertain the status of your redemption request.