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How secure is "Pockets by ICICI Bank"?

Following measures will ensure that your transactions are secured on "Pockets by ICICI Bank":

  • Please enable the option "Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) possible" if not already done. Option is available in your Facebook account under:
              Settings>>Account Settings>>Security>>Secure Browsing
  • You can see a "Lock" sign on your browser address bar when accessing "Pockets by ICICI Bank", this indicates that all communication between Facebook and     our server is SSL Secured
  • To register your account in "Pockets by ICICI Bank", you first need to authenticate yourself with Debit card Number and ATM Pin
  • Every time when you login to your "Pockets by ICICI Bank" account, you need authenticate yourself with 4 Digit password set by you during registration
  • Every financial transaction on "Pockets by ICICI Bank" is subject to One Time Password (OTP). OTP is a dynamic in nature i.e for every transaction, you will get a    different OTP on your registered mobile number with us.
  • 2 Layer Secure Access – We provide double security to your account as the account can be accessed only after logging in to your Facebook account and entering    the PIN set by you. Do not share your PIN with anyone.
  • Unique Account / Registration – We make sure that your identity can not be misused by others as once you are a registered active user, another account with your    details can not be created by anyone.
  • One on One – There can be only one registration associated with each Facebook account.
  • Daily Transaction Limit – All of your financial transactions have respective daily limits to prevent any fraudulent usage of your money.