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What are the documents required for submission at the time of delivery of the Forex for purposes– Business Travel, Private Visit (Leisure Travel), Studies Overseas (Education), Medical Treatment, Emig

For the delivery of Forex requested, the following documents are required:

  1. Fill and sign the requisite form/s (Form A2 cum application and LRS declaration) to be submitted

  2. Submit a copy of your passport

  3. Show the original passport for physical verification

  4. In case of business travel, a copy of valid business visa has to be submitted and will be verified against original at the time of physical verification

  5. The person placing the request needs to be physically present at the location of delivery to handover the documents and receive the Forex as requested. 

Please note : Documentation and other requisites for availing the facility are subject to changes from time to time, depending on the FEMA/ internal guidelines of the bank.