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I-Shop from ICICI Bank FAQs

How to uninstall the add-on?


To uninstall, simply follow the steps as, In your browser> Go to Tools>Add-ons>Extensions> Select the add-on> Click on Uninstall.

How does I-Shop for ICICI Bank work?


Once you are on the web looking for a product, the add-on is activated and hunts for the best price available for that product as well as the available coupon codes. You are informed of the prices and coupon codes by means of a drop-down at the top of your browser. The serving of the information is completely contextual. The add-on remains inactive till the time relevant information is available, making it completely user-friendly.

If I am using Internet Explorer currently and I want to download the Add – On what are the steps?


Internet Explorer browser doesn't support add-on downloads currently hence you will have to download Mozilla Firefox browser or Google Chrome browser in your system and then download I-shop

What if the add-on doesn't work the first time after downloading?


Close the browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and open it again to restart it.

What is I-Shop from ICICI Bank Add-on?


The I-Shop add-on is a price saving tool that saves you money while you shop online. The add-on developed by Logicserve Digital Pvt. Ltd and brought to you by ICICI Bank, covers 10 key verticals including Mobiles, Tablets, Cameras, Camcorders, Laptops, Books etc. and 100 top brands. When you are looking for a product on a website, it automatically fetches the prices from multiple sites for the same product so you can easily compare the price without having to visit multiple sites. It doesn't end here! The browser based add-on also gets you the available ICICI Bank coupon codes that adds to your savings. ICICI Bank Offers are delivered to you on your desktop without any search. Now that's a true ADD-ON!

Which browsers does I-Shop support?


Currently the add-on supports Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Which verticals does the add-on show prices for?


The add-on covers 10 key verticals including Cameras, Laptops, Books, Watches, Perfumes, Mobiles etc. and 100 top brands.

On which stores does the add-on work?


The add-on works on 1000 eStores including Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, HomeShop18, Snapdeal, Infibeam, Indiatimes Shopping, Jabong, Myntra and many more.

Why does the add-on work only on select e-commerce sites?


Our team is constantly in the process of enhancing the add-on experience for you by means of a continuous testing process.

What data does the add-on collect?


The add-on does not collect any personal or demographic information about the users at any given stage. To serve you the correct information, it collects the below information:

  • URL of the site that you visit
  • Keywords and other tags in context of the body of the page
  • Other anonymous technical routing information with regards to the search

Is I-Shop from ICICI Bank secured?


The add-on is 100% Secured - No Ad-ware. No Spy-ware.