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I raised a Cancellation Request but refund is still not received?


This can be due to:

  1. Account Closed/ Dormant/ Inactive & Credit Card closed. We process the refund using same mode as used for booking the transaction. In such cases, we refund the amount back to IRCTC. Please contact IRCTC Customer service.
  2. The refund is not processed by IRCTC within the stipulated time frame.

How do I cancel my train tickets?


Cancelling train tickets you booked on ICICI Bank site is super easy.


Here’s how:

  • Go to the Train booking page on www.icicibank.com/irctc
  • Click on Book now and go to “My Bookings”
  • Enter the IRCTC User Id used for booking the tickets and OTP received in registered mobile number
  • List of all uncompleted trips will be populated
  • Select the journey and proceed
  • Review the cancellations once you have selected the passengers and proceed for confirmationWe will process your refund within 10 working days.

Can I book train tickets?


Now you can not only search but also book your train tickets through ICICI Bank. Just select from the choice of trains displayed on the search results page to see availability details. You can click the Book button for bookings.

Click here to navigate.

I have changed the mobile number on the IRCTC website which was linked to my User ID but the same is not yet updated?


Please de-link the earlier registration using ‘De-link IRCTC Account’ option. Once done, please follow the ‘Linking process’ with the new mobile number.

I have entered the mobile number but have not received the OTP?


Please click ‘Resend OTP’ link which will help in regenerating the OTP.

Is partial cancellation supported?


Yes, partial cancellations are supported. Just follow the cancellation procedure noted above, pick the passenger[s] you want to cancel and hit the cancel button.

I do not remember the mobile number used in my IRCTC account?


Login to www.irctc.co.in and recheck the mobile number used in the IRCTC profile.


In case the mobile number & e-mail address is changed, please update the same in the IRCTC profile.

How much processing fee am I being charged?


The transaction fee will be charged on the total amount you pay, after deducting any discounts. We charge a processing fee of 1.8% on the booking amount which is inclusive of all taxes.

My booking failed due to some error. Would your customer support help me book the ticket?


We’re sorry to hear about it. We will refund your money once the refund is processed by IRCTC, in case the payment is processed. However, we will not be able to help you book the ticket offline as per IRCTC guidelines.

I tried paying for my train tickets with an international Credit Card but the payment failed. What happened here?


For added security, we route all international cards through a ‘Verified by Visa/ MasterCard Secure’ gateway, where you have to enter additional authentication information (Date of Birth, ATM PIN, Internet Banking password, etc.) on the bank’s website. This is to curb the high incidence of fraud with international cards.


We recently made a change in our payment system to reject payments that skip the authentication step. If you happened to skip the additional authentication step, you should see a ‘Payment Rejected’ error message after being directed back to ICICI Bank. Click on the ‘Continue’ button and try with a fresh set of payment details.


You can:

  • Retry with the international Credit Card, but please complete the authentication procedure.
  • Try with a Credit Card issued in India.
  • Try paying via a Net Banking account or a Debit Card.

I missed my train. Will I get a refund for no–show?


Yes. Please send an e-mail to service.irctc@icicibank.com with the required details up to 3 hours from the train departure time. Any request sent post 3 hour of the train departure time will not be considered as a valid request and no refund will be processed as per IRCTC guidelines.

What is the registration process for ICICI Bank Train booking system?


It is simple two step process:Enter the registered mobile number with IRCTC and request for OTPEnter IRCTC Registered User ID and OTP

Why do I need to enter Mobile Number and IRCTC User ID to see availability?


We register the User at ICICI Bank with Mobile Number and IRCTC User ID so that when the User initiates the next search process, this information will help to recognise the User.

What is the choice of quotas available?


We have General and Tatkal quota facility available.

Is ID proof required when booking?


ID proof is not required when booking but you will still need to carry a valid ID proof to confirm your identity when you travel.

Why is booking and cancellation facility not available after 11:30 pm?


The Train booking is available as below:

  1. 12:30AM – 08:00 AM
  2. 12:00PM – 11.30 PM

I’ve booked a waitlisted ticket. How do I check my PNR status?


Just visit www.icicibank.com/irctc . Click on Book now -> Check PNR ,enter your PNR number to get the latest status.

Can I search by entering a 3/ 4 letter station code instead of typing the station/ city name?


Yes, you can. For instance, search for New Delhi station by typing NDLS.

On check availability’, I get ‘RAC’ in the availability status. What does it mean?


Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) means that you have an assured seat but the berth has not been allotted yet. As other passengers cancel their ticket, you will be promoted on the RAC list and will be allotted a berth subsequently.

Some stations are missing in the list of stations on the results page for a city. Why?


This is because only those stations are shown in the list through which at least one of the trains passes.

I created my IRCTC username a while back, and I don't remember it now?


Search for a registration e-mail from care@irctc.co.in in your list of potential mailboxes (which has been used for IRCTC registration).


If that does not work, please send an e-mail to care@irctc.co.in with your e-mail address requesting for the same.

What if my User ID is deactivated by IRCTC?


Please login to your IRCTC account at irctc.co.in and update your profile.


If this does not help, please send an e-mail to care@irctc.co.in

Can I book break journey tickets online?


As per IRCTC Guidelines, train journeys can be booked from the selected source and destination only.

What is the latest I can book the tickets by?


You can book tickets till the time of chart preparation for the train, which is normally 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train from the train originating station. For trains which start before 12 noon, the chart preparation is usually done on the previous night.

How many passengers can I book in one go?


You can book 6 passengers including children and senior citizens on one ticket.

I’m more than 60 years of age. Can I avail the Senior Citizen discount?


As per IRCTC guidelines, the Senior Citizen discount will be given to:

  1. Male: Age of 60 years onwards
  2. Female: Age of 58 years onwards

I have mistyped the name of one of the passengers at the time of booking. Can I change the name now?


The amendments in passenger name is possible only if any of the blood relative wants to travel in place of the booked passenger. Changes can be made by approaching the nearest railway reservation counter with your e–ticket printout and valid photo ID proof and blood relation proof of the passengers who are willing to travel in place of the booked passenger. Please note that amendments are allowed till 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train and can be made only once per ticket. Processing of amendment request is at sole discretion of the railway authorities.

I initiated the cancellation but received a failure message?


Please use ‘Check PNR’ functionality to check the latest status of PNR. In case it is not cancelled, raise the cancellation request again. If the status is cancelled then the refund will be given within 10 working days post receipt of the refund from IRCTC.

What items are prohibited on board a train?


Offensive articles, explosive, dangerous, inflammable articles, empty gas cylinders, dead poultry, acids and other corrosive substance are not permitted.

Do I need to enter my mobile number every time I book my train travel?


Yes. You just need to enter the mobile number and OTP for authentication.